When wanting to search forSanta Clarita Real Estate- with any of the typical keywords, make sure you are looking at Local Results.  Most of the page 1 results within Google will be populated with some of the "Really HUGE" real estate syndication websites.

However, some of us are able to give theNation Wide real estate lead generation and monetization companiesa true run for their money.We have noticed that, within Google,  "local" will always beat out "large".They don't live in our Santa Clarita Valley.  They have no vested interest here.  Their children don't go to the schools in the Santa Clarita Valley.  They don't shop at the local markets.  They don't take their kids to local Santa Clarita Doctors.  You get the gist...In fact, the agent they would refer you too,may not be localand that agent is paying to get leads(your personal and private information) referred to them.  I don't know about you, but I'd rather work with someone that has a "True Vested" interest in the City in which I want to live.Introduce me to someone that does a lot of writing about the local real estate market.  Someone that knows the good from the bad areas of the city.  Someone that I can give a price to and they can recall from memory what home development will fit my needs.