The calls that are generated due to our placement online are really spectacular. That being said, I love the calls from those who are wanting to hire us to handle their real estate needs in Santa Clarita and Elsewhere. However, those who are calling to sell me on their SEO packages and online placement portals with the bonus 2.0 web strategy included at no additional charge, I'm not a fan.

In fact, I would say out of the 50+ phone calls I get per day - 1/3 are from companies promising me the next best thing.

"they are going to help me"

They tout they are going to help me get on page 1, not that they are searching and looking at the results, they found me on page 1 so hence the calls.

I suppose they want to make me better on page 1? However, all they do and talk they do. I sometimes want to know their "how". How are they going to get me a higher ranking?

After that question, I'm usually transferred to another person within the telemarketing department. Someone that is a better closer or who has a better working knowledge of the nonsense they are selling me.

If I'm going to call someone cold - I'm going to put some work in beforehand. I'm not just going to "call them" out of the blue with no preparation.

These companies would get a lot farther if they'd just google my name. Connor MacIvor - WOW - See the bottom video below where I recorded the results of googling my name - connor macivor.

"Google understands local"

Google understands local and data pertaining to local businesses. If you were to ask Google a question, It does the search and then provides the results. The results start with those paying real dollars to be at the top, then below you have the organic results just below the 3 pack, which houses the local results.

In the top example video when I search for "Top Santa Clarita real estate agent", the results come pouring in. Some of those results at the top are the "paid for" spaces. Then below that, you have the "infamous" Google 3 pack. BTW, to get there you cannot be a real estate syndication website, you have to be verified by Google as a real local business. In our case, we had to verify with Google that we were licensed, have a real "business" location and that our telephone numbers correspond to our local business in Santa Clarita Valley California.

 Top Santa Clarita realtor on Google Page 1

"I googled my name"

This is the video where I googled my name. You will see that it's not very hard to deduce what my background was and from where I came before I was in real estate.

I will tell you that if the called me and acted just a little bit interested in my background as they were reaching for my wallet, I may let them have it :)

 Google Connor MacIvor with Santa Clarita real estate Page 1

One of the items that are most important is trust. Can you trust the google results? For all the work I put in every day to keep our placement at the top of Google when people are asking Alexa or Siri for a Top or Best Santa Clarita real estate agent, I'd say "Yes they are doing a fine job".

I'm Connor MacIvor and I hope this Santa Clarita real estate blog serves you well. I have posted up our daily posts where you can have a read on