Performance when it comes to real estate websites is important. Those who sell these products tout about page load speed, SSL encryption and mobile (HTML5) rendering websites.

They get into details about being able to add content, photographs, and video with ease.

All of these components a good Santa Clarita real estate website make. (in my best Yoda impression)

However, you are bound to run into much more than you bargained for when wanting to find a Top Santa Clarita real estate website which is best to serve your own personal housing needs.

I have been representing both buyers and sellers in the Santa Clarita Valley and in the surrounding communities of Los Angeles since 1998. During that time I had the honor to make a friend of Jeff Turner, who threw the switch on the "content" component of a valid and proper real estate website.

Jeff gave me so much information in our rather short meeting, it made my brain hurt. However, after the implementation of what he explained and with some new additions of my own, the Top Santa Clarita website for Santa Clarita Valley real estate is

The Proof is in the monthly snapshot - which varies from month to month, here are the numbers we are seeing provided because I'm all about transparency.

View the report for the Best Santa Clarita Real Estate website google analytics PDF

Best Santa Clarita real estate website

During the month of July 2018, not a spectacular month, but to give our sellers and home buyers an idea, SCVnest had the following statistics broken down and explained.

7987 different sessions. The flat line indicates that traffic was pretty fluid throughout the month of July. That means there were no "home run" blog articles, which would pertain to something that hit the front page of Twitter, as an example.

Out of that number, the proof in the pudding is the Unique Users that visited SCVnest during the month of July 2018, that was 5,075. If you look at the statistics, you will see that there were no HUGE valleys or plateaus in numbers of visitors to SCVnest during the month.

Most visitors had an average visit of 1 minute and 29 seconds. Some were much longer and some shorter. The key is the conversion of these visitors to be part of the Top Santa Clarita real estate website. Do they see the worth to register to search for homes and houses in Santa Clarita Valley? When they arrive on a Blog Article that I have written on, they typically do without a problem. They register to be a part and I welcome them with a personal email video.

Of course, to be the one they choose to handle their Santa Clarita real estate affairs when the time comes.

277 Buyer Leads - for the month. That is the number of people that trusted SCVnest and it being a local real estate website, where their personal and private information will never be compromised, gave up their personal and private information.

Here is the danger of searching elsewhere on a non-local "Registered Realtors" home search system, most which are real estate syndication sites by nature. The real estate syndication websites pay for themselves, their staff to be publically traded entities by selling someone's personal and private information.

Real Estate syndication websites don't just sell a person's information to real estate agents. They sell it to a multitude of others that specific business interests in your personal info.

Big Box Stores, Home improvement and home supply chains, grocery stores, local publications, real estate lenders and mortgage brokers, and of course the lowly real estate agents who are willing to pay for it.

Most real estate agents are not fans unless they are paying them for leads. It is now time for me to get off of my soapbox and back to the article.

Another question that I always have when I'm looking over our monthly report is what articles obtained the most traffic from visitors that came to the Best Santa Clarita real estate website - here is what I deduced from the month of July 2018.

Seller leads come from other systems we have in place and also from seeing the large number of buyers that enter into communication with me on

As Jeff Turner would say, "Content is King". That could have been someone else, but I'm sure he said it at least once :)

Moving into the content portion of the Santa Clarita real estate website, we have the news or blog portion. Besides registering to search on the system at face value, these articles drive traffic because they are answering questions that help our subscribers make sense out of the Santa Clarita real estate market and other housing news.

During the month of July 2018, we had 177 page views of our Santa Clarita real estate blog and 113 unique pageviews(brand new I.P. addresses(different computers that had visited before).

1 - Cross Qualification is now a sin in real estate is the top visited blog post for the month of July 2018 on the Top Santa Clarita real estate website.

2. Evoking the Tidewater initiative with a seller to a VA buyer - was the second most visited real estate article on our SCVnest website.

3. New Santa Clarita homes with no mello roos was the third most popular

Armed with this information, I can now go and write more and update these pages with fresh new content. Expand on the articles to serve my Santa Clarita real estate clients best and show them that I am in the game and not just a casual observer.

Relocation services are something that is also looked at when I'm viewing my analytics for each month. If we have people viewing from somewhere outside of the United States, in large numbers, there could be a problem because that is not my intended audience.

However, we have our Analytics on broken down by the locations where the home searches and registration on our Best Santa Clarita real estate website originated from.

      Visits by City Metro                                         Sessions                   % New Sessions

  • Los Angeles CA                                                           5,912                            48.17%
  • Portland OR                                                               479 99.79% (not set) 104 61.54%
  • San Diego CA                                                              81                                  70.37%
  • San Francisco-Oak land-San Jose CA                    79                                 82.28%
  • New York NY                                                               74                                 87.84%
  • Sacramento-Stock ton-Modesto CA                       47                                 55.32%
  • Chicago IL                                                                    46                                 71.74%
  • Seattle-Tacoma W A                                                  44                                 29.55%
  • Bakersfield CA                                                            40                                 37.50%

By these results, you can see we are pretty much dialed in to have our correct audience and our traffic is coming from cities that have a Santa Clarita Valley relocation need and are reaching out to the Best Santa Clarita real estate website.

Of course, if I was doing it wrong, Los Angeles would not be the top. But in the case of SCVnest, it's the top of the list with five thousand nine hundred and twelve sessions, where almost 50% of those were new traffic.

These are visits by "metro" so the results indicate that Santa Clarita Valley would be a part of the "Los Angeles CA" metro.

Visits by origin

As I state often to our Santa Clarita Valley home sellers and buyers when I'm showing off our advantage of having the top Santa Clarita real estate website, money pays for visits. But to have that traffic come to a website without having to pay for it, that's something! Of course being able to balance the various way a website is found online and off, then you have someone that can be considered to be a webmaster.

You can consider search origins coming from particular channels. These channels correspond to pre-entry points. Pre-Entry is going to be the system a person was using at the time they decided to click to visit or type in to visit our Top Santa Clarita real estate website.

It's like watching late night TV, except in my case I am not a fan of interruption marketing, if you see something like a super ultra awesome pillow, you may pick up the phone and order it because of the savings expressed on the infomercial.

The TV channel you came from is, in my example, a "channel".

Visits By Channel             Sessions             % New Sessions

  • Direct                                           2,120                       61.93%
  • Organic Search                          1,549                       69.46%
  • Email                                            1,516                        9.63%
  • Paid Search                                 1,347                       73.35%
  • (Other)                                         1,113                         73.23%
  • Social                                             216                         61.11%
  • Referral                                        126                          38.10%

Direct and Organic are the prized possessions of any Top Santa Clarita real estate website. They are so very important because anyone can pay to be in "paid search", which we are. However, I write my 2000-6000 words a day describing the current real estate market and keeping folks up to day as far as Santa Clarita real estate is concerned.

The most important thing that I can convey is to add value to people by what you write and produce as a Top Real Estate agent. Even if you are starting out, you may want to give your ideals pertaining to what you consider to be "value traits" of someone within the profession in which you are embarking.

I talk about the differences between people in sales. I speak of how that pertains to us and where we differ from the masses when it comes to client care and representation with Santa Clarita real estate.

In my time working with Santa Clarita home buyers and sellers, I have found out a few material acts.

People don't want to be taken advantage of - They want the truth, they can handle it, and they want to know if they are about to make a mistake. They want you to treat them as you'd expect yourself treated if you were on the other side of the table.

People hate liars - This one comes to the surface quick where you may see some in the real estate business very willing to misinform or mislead their clients in order to get what they want and that is to be paid. The problem with this way of operation is that those clients will never come back and they are most likely to tell people how you did them wrong. Sometimes that bad news follows you and can break a real estate business.

People want information - They want to know why we have all of our clients meet specifically with our very own escrow officer, at no additional cost. They want to know whey we don't want them to return any paperwork to escrow without us first vetting it and making sure it's okay to send back. They want to know why we are giving them questions to ask a lender to get their best deal, even when that lender came as a recommendation from us! People want to know how to get the best deal on a home and how much less than can realistically offer. They want to know why they need to do certain things and how that benefits them.

To get this information, there are so many sources of bad real estate information online. There are so many that are bending the truth in order to get a person to do something, that person may not normally do.

Some websites are literally screaming, to do it now! The market won't be this way forever! Make sure you go to this meeting or that meeting because if you don't you will never own a home! I have had something I have said since my start in the Santa Clarita real estate business. If I have to say something that will "knee-jerk" a person into making a real estate decision, then I'm in the wrong business. That is not the way it works, but that is the way some people think it works.

I have enjoyed writing about our Santa Clarita real estate website. It is a work of passion for me and the writing is really important as if the feedback I receive from all of the Social Media channels we are plugged into. I promise to be here for you and yours when you are ready for our assistance with what is Santa Clarita homes and real estate. If you are considering buying or selling in an area that is not within the SCV cities, please reach out anyway. If that is not an area where we can serve you properly due to unfamiliarity or distance, I have excellent real estate agents in my network.

I'm Connor MacIvor and I'm glad to be of service to you.