Real Estate prices are best digested over a longer period of time.  6 months of activity is a great gauge when wanting to obtain a real estate market opinion.

We have some interactive graphs that we work with posted that are macBoX capable.

The MacBoX at Paris911 dot comOur MacboX - if you are not familiar with it, it is a search tool that routes the visitor to the writing of the Paris911 Team.

For example, when wanting to view the price trends for the Santa Clarita Valley cities - go to our Main REMAX of Santa Clarita real estate website and type into the MacBoX the word "prices".

When you do, you will get taken to a page we have built that has each of the Santa Clarita Cities represented.

Clicking on each of the cities you have interest within will give you the specific Home Pricing page and interactive graph.

If I may tout on our system - you can take the slider, located at the bottom of the graph, and move it all the way back to the "height of the real estate market".  You can see where the prices were at the Height - where they are today - and every point inbetween.

Be safe - search well and remember to use the best real estate agents you can find in your city of interest.

They should be writing, involved in Social Media and answering questions and solving problems.  Talk soon and reach out to REMAX's Paris911 Team when you are ready for us to Move You!