How the Google Results stack up

Below the ads on Google, you will see some local maps indicating businesses. After that you will see the "organic" results. Amongst the organic results, you will see some of the heavy hitters, but the thing to look for is the "local agent" who has the ability to rank within close proximity to those companies who are publicly traded and worth millions of dollars.


SCVnest - the 7th position after some really robust systems within the organic results on google when searching for Top Santa Clarita real estate agents.

I'm honored and in good company. However, I'm the boots on the ground local resource for all buyer and seller representation and I'm in position number 7.

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Actually, if you look at it, I'm a real live person, not a corporation - I'm Connor MacIvor and I'm in position number 1 when it comes to the first website who is a local agent. SCVnest is my property and the site where our buyers go to search for all the real estate and home listings. Our sellers use SCVnest to search for what their home is worth and to keep up with the market dynamics within the cities they live.

When listing a home for sale, getting the lion's share of the online inquiries about local Santa Clarita real estate helps our home sellers.

When it comes to buyers looking to find the local resource which Santa Clarita real estate, and they find me, I'm honored to be the one who is at the helm during their home hunting journey.

It's hard to find a better place than to be where people are searching for a Top Santa Clarita real estate agents. Thanks for taking the time to view our placement and do some google searches of your own to size up any and all competition within real estate.

I'm not afraid of competition - I embrace it and look forward to meeting you. I'm Connor with HONOR and I'm glad to be at your service in protecting your real estate needs.