When you google Santa Clarita real estate, REMAX of Santa Clarita, or other locally honored terms that relate to hiring a real estate agents, we are there.

SCVnest has a very valued presence at the top of the search engines. Understand, I'm not telling you we are within the ADS - We are on some pages, but mostly on Facebook and other social media outlets.

I'm speaking about the organic search results. Back in the day that was all, there was on the Google Results. Monetization was not from the beginning, but it did not take very long for it to be the largest part.

However, in my heart of hearts, I think that Google wants to still provide for the most "accurate" search results.

In that way, the top of the results on Google, the NON-ADS, are revered by other agents, other websites, other web monetization models.

The title of this Santa Clarita real estate blog article has to do with all of the emails and phone calls I get.

(benefit 1) For one, it shows me that I'm doing something right. My placement does a lot of good for our real estate sellers. Their home listings get pitched first to the home buyers that are calling in hand over fist.

(benefit 2) Our placement also does a good turn for our home buyers. They get dibs on real estate due to our presence in the eyes of other agents. They may be a bit miffed by our outstanding placement, but they are also not wanting to make an enemy - view benefit 1. They may have a buyer for a top listing we have placed onto the Santa Clarita real estate market.

Now that I have established my way, I'll cover my how and then I will get into where this pressure is coming from and what they want and why I won't give in.

My how -

I have been a real estate agent since 1998. I was introduced to blogging by a person named Jeff Turner. I spoke with him before he "arrived". He gave me one hour of his time and he peeled my skull back and opened my mind.

The "talk" involved information about technology and social media before it was a "thing". This was back in the early 2000's.

Since that time I have been writing about my client's real estate experiences. I have been documenting the problems, the trouble, and the successes.

The tale of the tape: as of July 27, 2018

Who are "they" and what do they want

"They" are those who want to pay for ad space on my SCVnest.com website. They are willing to pay me quite a bit if I would allow them to violate what I believe in. I believe that you should not be tracked, spammed, or pounded by ads on a website. If you want to search for Santa Clarita real estate, you should be able to do so without having to worry about who is going to contact you next.

You should be able to search for homes without being harassed. You should be able to inquire about real estate without having 13 real estate agents getting your personal and private information, which they paid for.

I'm not a fan of ads and will not give in to any kind of pressure. My Santa Clarita real estate clients are way too important.

OMT - there is also a faction of people that want to write articles for my SCVnest.com website. This is also a NONO for me. They are not me. They want to place linkbait on my website. Those links are attractive and will take you elsewhere online where you may be suspectable to having your privacy violated.

I won't have it and I am proud to present this article which I can forward to them once they hit me up, which will probably be in the next few minutes and continue for the rest of my life :)

I'm Connor with HONOR MacIvor. I am a Realtor and want your real estate business. I want to represent you and everyone you know with regard to Santa Clarita real estate. I know that is a tall order, but I know I can handle it and make you happy I am in your corner, protecting and serving your real estate needs.