Best Santa Clarita real estate website for home buyers

Latest Santa Clarita real estate search resultsWhat ends up happening is that my Santa Clarita home experts website starts to compete with the big, publically traded, websites.

Those with names as / / / and others.

When that happens - I see that my daily impressions are through the roof and that we get a ton of clicks.

The more content I write on my "new" real geeks platform, the higher on the SERP's I get.

SERP - Search Engine Results Pages.

And on those pages, we have a higher above the fold ranking. The higher we are in proximity to the AD's, the more my website and Santa Clarita home experts brand are seen.

I appreciate this opportunity to keep you updated pertaining to the highest-rated local Real Estate Website.

Here are some tips for those agents that are attempting to compete. 

First - write at least 1500 words of content every day. 

Second - figure out something "different" you can do to give out real estate information pertaining to your brand. (such as a video channel or podcast).

Third - All of that information, the blog, and the "different" thing to share it. Share it everywhere.

Fourth - syndicate. If you are a real estate agent, you want to syndicate your production. If you write an article, such as this one where I'm touting the impressive internet ranking of our Santa Clarita home expert Website, you need to share it.

I use Buffer. It has a google plugin that attaches to the top of chrome. I can then share everything I produce and schedule them so my followers are not inundated.

Fifth - something that most agents forget - share other agent's stuff. Share your follower's things. Like them, interact with them, talk to them and keep them close.

Put all of those together and you have many hours of work a week. You may be thinking like a real estate agent and that you can hire someone to do it for you.

The problem with that is people don't want to work from someone that Odesk provided. Then I want to work with you. If they wanted to do real estate in an automated format and potentially get ripped off they'd hire Zillow to list and sell their home.

People want to hire the person they are reading. As an example, I'm Connor MacIvor and I write 100% of the content on Santa Clarita home experts which is the top-ranked blog and real estate search engine for Santa Clarita CA.

In this case, when people listen to my radio show and when they find me online after doing a simple local Santa Clarita real estate search, they have found a winner.

Or at least my wife's mom and my past clients consider me a real estate wizard.

Here is what I think. Do your search and find the local real estate advisor carefully. Make sure the real estate advisor is one that you can deal with. Google them to see what they are about. 

If you google your Santa Clarita real estate expert and find nothing, they are super new in the business and have made no online efforts to establish themselves.

Find someone who is established.

Just as a gage - if you were to google Connor Macivor - About 46,000 results (0.41 seconds)  would be what returns as of 01/18/2020, 2200hrs.

Santa Clarita real estate internet results

What I have done is established a meeting at my office with every single client that wants to buy or sell real estate.

These meetings have our clients or those who come into my offices signing nothing.

They are meant to educate all in the realms of real estate, how to approach it, the market and establishing goals. We then take those goals and I use my knowledge and experience to help you achieve them.

Determining which agent to select

The meeting. Everything is the meeting. You are about to spend hundreds of thousands of dollars. You owe to your hard-earned money to sit down with your real estate professional for FREE, with no obligation and without having to sign anything.

If an agent is willing to run out and show you a home without first meeting with you and helping you navigate the real estate process, you may want to think twice.

I invest in my clients. I don't want to work with anyone who does not feel worthy of sitting down and speaking with a professional so that they are well-protected.

There are no agreements, no obligation, and no applications.

It's me and your questions. If you are a real estate first-timer, I will let you know the most frequently asked questions.

I have a lesson plan for my Santa Clarita real estate buyers. 

You can search for me on SlideShare to see our Crash Course on real estate.

Thanks for checking out our presence on Google when people are looking for homes and estates.

One frequent question we get from our prospective home sellers is why should we hire you?

The world is becoming smarter and SERP sharper

SERP - Search engine results page.

This is the term pertaining to the page that you land when you conduct a simple online search.

If your preferred search engine is BING - and if you search for "Santa Clarita real estate" - without the quotes - the first page of results are going to be page 1 of the SERP.

Then on the page - there are the listings which are above the fold - those are the listings which are visible without having to move the page down, then there are the listings which are below the fold - those you can only see if you scroll down.

The perfect place to be on a SERP is at the top above the fold and if you can manage it on a page without PPC ads being shows, but for a term or phrase with a high search volume. (good luck - I'm talking about perfect scenarios which are rate online)

Top google result real estate in Santa Clarita

On Google - we are above the fold in the local results - position 1. Which has not been by accident? It takes hard work to keep that information updated and fresh and that is the way one would do it.

90%+ of the world is using Google to search for things like Santa Clarita real estate and we need to be in the right spot for our home buyers and home sellers in the Santa Clarita Valley to be the most effective agents locally.

At the end of the day, it's about answering questions and writing content.

When you are ready, I will be here. I'm Connor with HONOR MacIvor. Here is a bit for those telemarketers who are calling me and stating that they are able to help me get to page 1 on Google.

"You have not been looking and need a new pitch..." - Thanks for reading and be well. Call me when ready!