Search over 10000 articles on how to buy a home on scv661Today we did our typical, run of the mill, garden variety Santa Clarita real estate radio show and I shared the number one real estate and home buyer tip when they are knee deep in a seller's real estate market.

During our daily Santa Clarita radio show we gleaned two things during our Travel Tuesdays Broadcast. How to use the best mobile app for real estate and home searches in Southern California.

We also talked about the constrictive real estate market in the Santa Clarita Valley and some of the ways in which a Buyer can have their agent become more knowledgeable and get their offers accepted, more readily.

When a seller, in a seller's market, such as we have, wants to sell their home -They are going to be "hoping and trusting" the agent they hired was honest with them.  The "honesty" is going to be reference to the price they said the home would sell for.

Of course, there are a lot of other things that a real estate seller can want their agent to be. However, Listing Price is a top concern for any home seller.

If the property was priced right, there will end up being multiple offers, if the housing real estate market is a Sellers Market.

Being a Seller's Market in the Santa Clarita Valley, means the sellers are able to maintain a premium return on the real estate they are selling.

It also means that the repairs requested can be negotiated away by the real estate seller, depending on price point and "buyer drive".

In addition, the real estate sellers in a Seller's Market, can negotiate other items, quite effectively, such as the reduction of time frames within contract. If the buyer  normally has 21 days to obtain financing, they would probably be able to get that buyer to agree to 15 days for loan approval, etc.

Better odds for SCV661 Home Buyers

There are a lot of advantages that sellers have in a Santa Clarita Sellers real estate market, but what about buyers?

The buyers can still give themselves and their offer a "better than average" advantage by being strategic in the offering process.

We do this for our real estate clients all of the time. A while back I wrote a Santa Clarita real estate article about the "HomeBuyer Love Letter".

But what if you were to turn up the letter a notch and make it every more personal?  Not just having the seller's "real names" is enough. How about having the "photo" which should adorn the photo being in front of the sellers particular home!

Now - we are cooking with gas. That is something to be proud of when it comes to Buyer Love Letter Construction.

You may not beat out someone offering more money for the seller's home. But you maybe beat out someone that has better credit or more down payment.

Who Knows, my better half hates me being a dreamer, she's more of a realist, I have seen money not being the seller's end all. Sometimes this offering strategy for a home buyer in a Seller's Market works wonders, even according to price.