Warning on the Santa Clarita real estate playRed Flag - when a BEST real estate agent search website tells you they are searching over one million agents to find the best for you. It's not being honest.

In the Santa Clarita Valley, do we have one million agents or over one million real estate agents?

There are about 1 million Realtors in existence - that's total!

The on TV pitch for the service that is going to find you the best local and highest-producing real estate agent with the best record of selling and best ratings, well it smells funny.

Something else that makes me feel that they are really on your side, is they are not charging anyone for all of their hard work! (sarcasm intended)

Actually, they are charging. Not you, but the real estate agent. How about that very expensive fee for the agents to be members of their network, coming back to you in the form of a rebate?

Crazy right?

The internet has really changed things and I know this because I got into the real estate business in 1998. That was the "dial-up" heyday.

AOL - Remember the CDs at checkout at almost all the businesses back then? What about the connection sound? (the high and low tone)

Red Flag 2 - I'd rather give my client a large break on fees than pay some third-party service provider or real estate syndication website who is going to charge me for leads.

(My main reason for this? Because those websites are tricking people into giving up their personal information. They are giving their personal information thinking they are going to get an answer to their original question, not that they are going to be hammered by a ton of agents, lenders, big box stores and life insurance providers and more)

Especially, when this "lead provider" is having to lie as to the exact purpose of their service offering and how they are compensated.

Red Flag 3 - The more paid into the service the higher the ranking, which was supposed to be based on some secret performance indicators? True - They should say, "performance indicators and extra money".

Choose wisely horsefly

While on probation, not "arrested and jail type" probation. This probation is for new police officers. On the LAPD, after the police academy is finished, a new officer is on a 1-year probationary period. Meaning, to get fired is easier than when a new cop is "off of probation."

I had a training officer, Linwood Howe(sorry if I'm misspelling it - this was 1991). He taught me a couple of good things, Pick and Choose your friends wisely. That was the first. Second, once he started eating, it was best to sit to his side and not in front of him - or at least 3' away.

How can you trust your real estate agent to get it right?

How can you trust the online real estate agent research system when those who want to be listed are paying for it?

At the end of the day, you need to go with your gut.

Search on a local level, ask the agent what they are going to do for you that others won't.

Listen and watch their responses. 

If they are not paying for leads, then they may be saving their money in order to pass the savings along to the consumer. However, don't bet on this. We do it because if It's a necessary part of the real estate business, I'd rather help my buyers and sellers.

OMT, agents are rumored to make tons of money. There are a lot of people that have got to be paid.

Including their broker for the brand and "offices" plus the IRS at 50% for most top producing agents.

Then you have office space, advertising, and marketing (that's for our seller's listings). BTW, a good agent will be reinvesting a sizeable chunk of their commission from the seller's listing, before they have gotten paid. They do this in the way of virtual tours, photographs, and online advertising and marketing.

But my auntie was a top real estate person in 1965

There are a lot of family and friends have been brought up by our clients. Stating they have their real estate licenses. And that they are going to be perturbed because we are being chosen and not them.

Being a real estate agent is not as it was back when I first started. I became an actual "representing clients" realtor back in 1998. Back then a ton of secrecy was being held over the real estate industry. This would prevent someone from becoming licensed in real estate and making a good business of it.

That did not stop me, I had the connections with those whom I had worked with at the LAPD.

I printed some flyers on my dot matrix printer and went to the stations on my days off and hung them.

The rest, as we shall say, was history.

This continued until a few years later when I observed the "repeat clients" and referrals started to equate to a sustainable business in real estate. I quit the LAPD and became a reserve officer and stayed around until I had the time to "officially" and honorably retire.

So many have quit so close to retirement but quit anyway. I did not what that shadow of inquiry to be asked about me. "Why did he quit so close to retirement. Therefore, I stayed a few more years and got my retired badge and ID.

A lot has changed about the real estate industry. While on one side of the coin we have a lot more information about the secrecy that used to shroud the industry, we have even more accessible and published misinformation online.

We have had many clients that were in the dilemma of whether they should use a family member or friend to sell or help them buy a home come back to us after we had closed the transaction thankful they chose us and not them.

In the simplest of real estate transactions, things are difficult.

We have a transaction going now where we are in front of our mandatory time frames, where the agent is holding an inspection appointment hostage.

Basically, she said she won't ask the sellers to allow us access to do a particular inspection until she gets the removal of contingencies from the buyer.

We are on day 12, not day 17 when those contingencies are supposed to be removed by contractual guidelines.

I now have to step up to playing hardball and make the record. The phone calls were great and all apparently in vain consisting of pillow talk. 

I have asked and asked nicely. But, now all has to go in writing to the other agent putting them on notice for my home buyer.

He has the right and if that holds up the transaction, it will be reflective of the seller's agent, not us.

I have a job to do for my home buyers and home sellers, I will not leave anyone behind and always stand up for my clients above and beyond all else.

Can family or a relative do the same? Sure, but it's about hiring the best agent possible, how do you know? 

You don't know about their work ethic because you are having to work with them out of relational obligation.

Top and BEST have become a top paid-for keyword phrase

Best in the Business Santa Clarita Top RealtorsEven Google has gotten into being able to build search about top "predictive" search word phrases.

When you go to google, start typing in a search phrase, and you will see their predictive results.

These are supposed to be compiled from all of the top searches that have been conducted by people using google.

I have no reason to believe they are not and I am also happy that Google is keeping the record straight. 

On the other side of the coin, people and organizations can pay for AD space that appears when people type in particular phrases in order to get results.

The new thing, maybe since 2015ish, is the qualitative phrase of inquiry within a keyword search phrase.

  • Who is the best Santa Clarita real estate agent?
  • Which agent is the Top in Santa Clarita?
  • The top agent in Santa Clarita is?
  • The highest-ranked realtor in Santa Clarita is?

There are many more, but these are the core phrases which those companies are attempting to rank for.

Now, in order for them to do this on an organic playing field would be almost impossible do to the time that would need to be invested in the past.

I have been writing content for over 16 years online. I have had three different .com's that we have used since the start.

Today we are the Santa Clarita home experts. Our first website was Paris911.com and then SCVnest.com. Paris911.com is still a top visited real estate website for the Santa Clarita Valley and where we have a lot of clients find us.

Plus, Paris, my partner in real estate, and me being the 911 - have a lot of clients and work associates that address us int the office and at other locals when they run into us and say, "There is the Paris911 Team!"

Yes!!! I'm So happy to be a part of good branding.

Next three crucial steps to get the BEST in real estate

1. Contact me - Connor with HONOR MacIvor at the Santa Clarita home experts.

2. Schedule - Let's meet and discuss how I am able to handle your real estate endeavor in the best way possible. We will discuss the parameters, your objectives and I will listen and give you the truth about everything that we discuss. This meeting is about 45 minutes and I have been told that this meeting is a super time saver for everyone who has attended. I am certain that you will also be able to save money when utilizing my services, more about that in our first meeting.

3. Written Plans - During our meeting and even before. Take a moment to start a list, written plans are super important. You want to write your questions down, then address others that come up in our meeting. You also want to address any and all concerns in writing to me directly. So many people miss out on this part of the interaction with their service provider.

Get it in writing - always.

Text message banter is okay, but an email seems to be much more appropriate in a business environment and in a service/consumer relationship.

I always give our clients this advice, if you have anyone - including me, tell you something that sounds fishy, you know - one of those things that are almost too good to be true, follow that up in an email.

I have been preaching this since we first started in the real estate representation business.

In the beginning, I had clients that could come into and meet with me in my offices who would have their own lender.

During our discussion, it seems to come out how the lender has made some statements. Promises were made.

At times in these meetings, an unrealistic interest rate was mentioned to me by my home buyer.

I don't freak out, I just ask them to repeat it because maybe I heard it incorrectly.

They repeat what I thought I had heard. Immediately, I tell them they need to follow up with whoever told them that.

Almost 100% of the time the information which shocked me was conveyed to my client verbally.

So hence the importance for them to follow up with the person who said it being re-quoted and verified in the email.

Here is an example,

"Don, it's Connor. Thanks for taking the time to talk with me yesterday 2/10/2020 about your lending program and the interest rate you will get me.

Just so I ensure I heard you correctly, you stated you guarantee to get me a 2.5% fixed interest rate on my mortgage at a 30-year term?"

And you will do it with no appraisal fee and with no cost for me?

Thanks so much, I wanted to clarify because that is a really good deal.

Be well and please respond as soon as able,


I'm Connor and I'm glad to be at your service. When you are ready, call me and I'll take great care of you. 

Thanks for taking the time to read about the Top Agents Ranked in Santa Clarita Valley California. I'm here to serve you and all your real estate needs.