There is money in advertising within the real estate realm. Almost overnight, and shortly after the internet became a thing, there were companies that were generating leads for real estate agents.

This happened in the larger metro markets first, today - they are everywhere.

There is not a real estate search a person could conduct that consists of a city name followed by the words "real estate" that would not result in a syndication lead generation website being at the top of the SERP's - Search Engine Results Pages.

They pay for that placement in some cases, in other cases, agents have made them rank at the top by their contributions in time. By the "time", I'm meaning that the real estate agents are writing on these syndication website's blogs in hundreds of thousands of words a day, or they are answering questions that have been asked by the public or by the lead generation website itself to have those agents create additional content for them.

They see that there are deep pockets within realtors and that those agents will pay to keep their pockets deep.

What if I told you that real estate agents hate paying for their leads. They'd much rather have a referral business that they can depend on year after year. This would require there to be some dramatic changes to the way that some agents do business.

The methods have been different throughout the years with Bus Benches coming to mind. Those were awesome for advertising for realtors until they were no longer allowed by the City of Santa Clarita CA.

Then we had billboards and publication print advertising. In fact, we had been in a police publication for a long time, only recently severing our long-time exposure within the Thin Blue Line, the last issue we will be in will be November 2018.

For those fees, we can build better online platforms that serve our real estate clients in the best ways possible starting with adding functionality to the Top Santa Clarita real estate agent website -

We have watched as the newer agents climb the rankings for each individual company in the Santa Clarita Valley, there are a lot of reasons for this, but at the top of the list is the price they are paying to the real estate lead generation websites. If a new agent had $10,000.00 a month to invest and had 6 months of reserves, they would be able to generate hundreds of real estate leads, of those they would have several that would turn into closings.

In some agent's minds that is worth it, in this agent's mind I'd rather get my leads by fulfilling my promise to my clients of keeping them updated better than any other real estate agent in the same market. The market, Santa Clarita Valley real estate. I'm Connor MacIvor, look me up :)

The value-add proposition for real estate

I'm so great. I'm so wonderful. I'm the best real estate agent in the world and no one else should be selling real estate and homes in the Santa Clarita Valley.

That is an example of the content and articles that I don't write. That is only self-serving and If I read that on a real estate website, I'd go and visit another immediately.

My value-add proposition for real estate and homes has to do with the experiences that have occurred over the past 20 years, since 1998. These stories are very powerful and truly teach important lessons concerning real estate. Not that you are buying a home to learn a lesson, these lessons will keep the mistakes you make at a minimum.

If the learning story is not about a client of mine specifically, the story is one that has come from another source and may have been picked up by the water cooler.

Home Buyer Stories

What can happen to a person that wants to buy a home?

How can that person keep safe when wanting to buy real estate?

These are examples of the types of questions that I answer on my SCVnest blog. Which happens to be the top performing real estate blog in the Santa Clarita Valley. I can prove that by the number of organic visits I obtain each week and the pages which are viewed.
Home buyers in the Santa Clarita Valley are searching for these topics according to the top search engine in the free world. They want to know what they can expect before they go full tilt into the real estate experience.
Back when Paris and I bought our first home, that was 1996 and it was in Newhall which is one of the Santa Clarita Valley cities, I wish that there would have been online resources where I could have done research about what I should be looking for when wanting to hire a real estate buyers agent.

The real estate buyers agent that we hired was all wrong, I have written about that experience since within my real estate blog and on our original website. He took her and me, and our family for a ride. I wanted to ask if there wasn't enough business for him and if he needed to close the deal no matter the cost? Was it absolutely necessary for him to steer us away from a home that we wanted to buy new? Was it necessary for him to hide the relationship and knowledge he had about the owner and the home we were buying?

During the past several years I have seen this agent in passing. I think he has retired at this point. I don't wish him ill will and I will always hope that after the experience he provided for Paris and me he turned over a new leaf.

Thanks are in order. The thanks come in the way I would have never contemplated becoming a Realtor if it weren't for the way he treated us and our family. If he had not been a bad realtor, I would have been a cop for over 37 years. Not a bad thing, my first love, but real estate is challenging in a totally different way and it feeds other parts and makes me happy - I'm grateful.

Knowledge and experience cannot be bought

There are agents which are experienced and those which are not. If you are to look at the average amount of sales for a real estate agent in the United States you will come up with about 8. That's 8 real estate sales on average for every real estate license in existence.

Of course, I know a lot of people that have their state license, but who do not make a career from being a real estate agent. I have also seen throughout the years when the housing market changes the home buyers agents start to work at various jobs, other than real estate because they are unable to obtain enough clients to keep their businesses afloat.

To sustain a real estate business one has to have built theirs on the back of knowledge and experience. They must have had a steady stream of clients based on something other than their "buying of leads". There are other ways to obtain housing market clients, some are best served by venturing out to people that you already know.

Social circles work well if you are that social butterfly type of real estate agent. Those who have been tried by fire and let everyone know about their client's experiences. This type of person will never be lacking for business and will always be working despite the changes to the real estate market.

Knowledge and experience are critical to their success in real estate. I will explain that you cannot pay for experience and knowledge in real estate. They must be lived, they must be earned and they must be experienced the hard way.

Each real estate transaction is different than the other. Just like when I was with the LAPD, some cops got complacent because they looked at every single domestic violence call as being the same, the same way they approached each and every traffic stop as the same.

Some of the most notorious killers were arrested as the result of a simple traffic stop. What if those police officers were to have viewed those stops as being of the "garden variety"? They would be dead today for sure.

Approaching real estate, a real estate buyers agent for a real estate buyer needs to know those differences between that is typical and those things which are not and which deserve an explanation to best prepare the home buyer.

There are actions that a buyer can take when approaching any real estate seller when preparing their offer that will put every available advantage in their court. If the real estate agent who is selected is one that is paying for leads without having any real estate knowledge and experience, the home buyer will suffer the consequences.

The same applies to the real estate sellers in the world. They are those who take for granted the real estate agent they found online. "For Granted" without no discount to the agent given, but no more checking on the agent's credentials before signing on the line which is dotted. This can cause the home sellers a lot of issues and I do my best to educate them so they ask the right questions and do the best real estate agent search they can find.

When searching online you can very easily vet those real estate agents. If you are relying on real estate systems and services that say they are going to be referring you to the best real estate agents for FREE, be wary.

They are making their money, so hence their ability to offer their real estate referral services to you for Free. They make money by selling leads to the agents on their platforms.

Don't ever think that the agents on those websites are there for FREE. They pay for their placement. Some of those websites are going to say they only work with the best real estate agents. If you read their legal-eze, I'd venture to say they only work with the best agents which are willing to pay them.

I have been contacted to be listed on one of these "top referral" websites for real estate agents. They said because of my production in real estate and my online reviews in real estate that I was a perfect fit at a monthly per lead basis, whether that lead turned out to actually working with me.

Other websites wanted somewhere in the neighborhood of 40% for a lead upon them buying or selling real estate at closing to be sent to them by wire and or check.

The advantage of my current standing in Santa Clarita real estate is that I have a strong referral base from those thousands of clients I have served since 1998. These folks believe in me, my business and how I am the best at protecting and serving their real estate needs.

One of the best ways in which this happens is I do daily research on Santa Clarita real estate news and track all of the current data points that make up the Santa Clarita real estate market. This equals my client's success over other real estate agent's clients. It also guarantees that I stay on top of the real estate business and best in the service to my real estate buyers and sellers.

If you were to do a simple online search look at the results that are not ads, which are not places and business locations, look at the true local real estate websites and blogs for the Santa Clarita Valley cities. I will be within those results at SCVnest and I will be here to serve and protect your Santa Clarita real estate needs 100%. Be safe and search well. I'm Connor T. MacIvor, I'm your Best Real Estate Choice.