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It never once came by chance, when wanting to be real estate agents in Valencia CA. One of the things we tell our staff is that there may be a lot of agents in the Santa Clairta Valley cities - that's a fact.

In fact, I doubt you could throw a rock, anywhere in the Santa Clarita Valley, without hitting someone that at least knows someone that has their Real Estate license.

More than likely, your rock would strike a real estate licensee :)

You know what they say - people in Glass houses shouldn't throw..... Whoops - I digressed.

I then tell my agents, my staff, my Buyers Consultants - that may be true, the fact that there are many real estate agents in the Santa Clarita Valley, however there are only a few good ones.

If you are a realtor reading this post - you are probably one of the good ones. You probably care enough about your clients to research who's who on-line. You also are wanting to be at the top's of the Search Engine Results Pages with your Real Estate brand. You get it when I say if a real estate agent is where over 94% of those searching for real estate are, that Local Realtor offers their sellers and buyers a razor sharp edge. (what we read as far as Real Estate News)

We post up real estate intel. We would always hope that you only work with experts in the field of real estate. I would also way, that if it comes down to you firing your real estate agent - have a read of this article we wrote last year:

Search well - have a look at our Westridge in Valencia CA real estate website

We have posted up the most recently listed homes that are for sale - the engine we built continues to reload with the most current data taken directly from the Boards of Realtors, via their Multiple Listing Service:

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