Santa Clarita homes for rent

These are always available online when you are conducting a simple google inquiry you will find many websites that will show you the homes that are currently for rent but be careful.

The top websites are syndication sites in nature. They monetize themselves and their owners by getting you to give up who you are. Your personal and private information. They do this well and often. They, in some cases, offer you something that seems too good to be true, then that allows you to drop your guard and give up your name and email address.

It is at that time when your personal and private information is sold to various entities. You may often wonder how your information was obtained by a third party? That is because they bought it from the syndication website. Maybe you are wondering how a lender or real estate agent obtained your info? Again, they bought it. Maybe an X hunted you down - how did they find you, it was because you gave up who you are with your email and name and they bought it.

This is what you need to know about Santa Clarita Homes for Rent and that search. There are two entities that handle rentals and leases in the Santa Clarita Valley. Property management companies that do not do anything else but manage rentals, leases and tenant options and real estate agents who do both, handle rentals and leases, plus tenant help.

Stay away from the second option if able. That is because IMHO there is more of a motivation to attempt to get you to buy a home than lease a home. This goes for those of you wanting to hire an entity to manage a rental you own, there is more of an incentive to sell the home than to lease out the home. (call for more details - way too much to explain, but if you follow the money this makes sense)

Working with someone that only does property management, for tenants and landlords is really the way to go if you are able.

There are still various databases that have properties for rent and or lease. The Multiple Listing Service, the MLS - click here for those and choose your So. Cal City. And the property management sites that do not publicize their landlord's rentals in the MLS and only advertise them on their website like

Some real estate agents handle rentals and leases, some don't. I don't. I help only buyers and sellers. However, "help" meaning that is my focal point in my business. If someone inquires about a rental they found on - I follow up with the leasing agent's name and phone number so they can deal with them directly. - What goes around comes around - for sure!

Santa Clarita homes for sale by owner

Not as often as you may think, in this current market, are you seeing FSBO, For Sale by Owner homes? There are many websites surrounding the "romance" of homes being sold directly by their owners without using real estate agents.

Of course, with 41 regular disclosures that accompany every single home that is sold, it's a wonder they can get it done in the first place. I'm not an attorney. But if I were to get sued, I would hire one. It goes the same when I was a cop. There is an attorney representing the city and one representing the person accused. Don't go it alone!

In most cases with For Sale by Owner homes, the seller understands, even though they hate it, that most buyers work with real estate agents to protect themselves.

I have sold many homes of this type to my clients and typically do double the work and have to pony up and do the seller's job as well to keep everything legal and legit. In the end, it's worth it because the buyer gets what they want with being protected from the seller and the seller is also protected forced to disclose all things known about the home and making the record.

In some markets, the FSBO's are more prominent. In seller's markets, there are more For Sale by Owner properties for sale than in buyer's markets.

Just make sure you have a good advisor and seek good counsel if you are going to approach a property of this type. Also, don't be so quick to give up any personal and private information online when wanting to search for FSBO properties. Your personal and private information is most likely to be sold.

New homes for sale in Santa Clarita CA

With 18 plus new home tracts and areas in the Santa Clarita Valley being sold as of today, online resources are not great at showing you where and how much.

I have a site that shows you what New Homes are for sale. The only problem with it is that it's owned by a third party and when "more information" is requested, a new home agent contacts you that is not me. - is that resource.

The BETTER way is if you were to hit me up directly. I'll then be able to walk you through in webinar format, where I do the searching live on your computer screen via this resource so if any info is conveyed, it's mine and not yours. And they don't bother to contact me because they know what I'm up to. Protecting my clients - of course.

Online meetings are fun and I do a lot of them concerning new homes and my representation of my clients with the new home builders. OMT - never give up any personal information if you happen to visit the new homes without me. If you go into the model homes the builder's agent will hit you up to get your name and email address for some sort of interest list.

DON'T DO IT!!! - They cannot force you and if you do you close the door on being able to have your very own real estate agent by your side throughout the process of buying a new home. There will be no one to negotiate for you, who speaks the new home lingo, who knows when prices are set, phases are released and how to bend the new home builders are to get you the very best deal with discounts and incentives! - IT works, I'm here for you. 661.400.1720

Santa Clarita Apartments

We have these in the Santa Clarita Valley. Apartments. They start showing up if you were to use The Old Road to traverse the Santa Clarita Valley, starting in Stevenson Ranch close to Pico Canyon. There are extended stay options and then real live apartment complexes.

If you were to stop in at the local SuperMarket, you will find the Apartment guides that are free. They are usually in a magazine rack by where the "interior" shopping carts are, or along the wall adjacent to the cash registers.

There is a lot of garbage on these racks, but you will see some fancy and glossy magazines that tout they have apartment rentals. Just be careful and make sure you are dealing with the property directly. The best way is to get the address, the hours of operation for the rental/lease office and drive their directly and meet the property representative directly.

If you try to cut corners, you are doing so at your own risk, be careful. If you want more information on where you can find Santa Clarita Apartments, do a simple google inquiry. The properties that are actual and real should appear in the Google Three back for local businesses. These have to be verified as legit by Google and need to be a real business. I ran it and this is my result and what you should be looking for. They are all real with addresses. Just be careful and when you call to verify they are what these items say they are. If you run into some sort of "apartment hunter" entity, run for the hills.

BTW - we are here to represent buyers and sellers of homes - if you know anyone, or if you yourself become within that category, I'm here to serve you.

Santa Clarita real estate market

You will find a lot of resources online when you conduct the google search for Santa Clarita real estate market. Some are owned and published by Hacks - those who are intent to do you harm by selling your personal and private information. (can you tell yet I hate those that do that under the guize of trying to help?)

Look for the local real estate agent. The one that is telling it like it is. If you are seeing nationally that real estate is flourishing and increasing within the local news networks and run into a "local" who is playing as if it's opposite day, they are probably preaching some sermon of "self-interest" and not your interest.

View the data - the charts and graphs that are built by those who are stating they are market experts for the Santa Clarita real estate market.

Currently, as of the date of this post, we are within transition between a Seller's market and a Buyers market. The only thing holding the market up and keeping it 80% within the Seller's market zone is the fact we have very low real estate inventory in the available homes for sale in the Santa Clarita Valley.

Within the next couple of months, we will make our transition from spring into summer. This period of time historically provides an abundance of home listings. The difference in the real estate market in Santa Clarita during 2019 is that we have a very high buyer drive. Buyers are wanting to buy before interest rates are affected and it would seem them going up is a good possibility. Primarily because they weren't touched the last two go-arounds by the FED.

There will be an overabundance of open houses in the Santa Clarita Valley. If you are out and about, don't sign anything or give up who you are. Agent's cannot help themselves.

When I'm hosting an open house, I ask those without representation to sign in so I can serve their real estate needs. I don't ever try to convert a person who states they have a real estate agent to be my client. That is completely unethical and is a total bad karma attractor. If you are at an open house and the agent knows you have representation, still pursues you and offers you all sorts of "pillow talk" to get you to switch, watch out - relationships built on the fruit of the poisonous tree fail.

Santa Clarita cheap homes

The least expensive homes for sale in the Santa Clarita Valley are easily found by using the right search parameters. Here, on this page I have done it for you and this data is taken directly from the MLS connected website, it's mine so your personal and private information is always protected.

[listings title="Santa Clarita cheap homes" qs="city=29265%2C28932%2C29080%2C29046%2C29134%2C29139%2C29089%2C29114%2C29409&proptype=SF%2CC%2CVT&sort=listprice_asc&status=A" propcount="15"]

These listings will change and you may find some manufactured homes that are on real foundations within the listings. FYI - manufactured homes are not mobile homes, they are brought in pieced and assembled. Mobile homes are driven in on axles with wheels.

Both types can carry a hefty land rent payment. Check with your trusted real estate advisor. The other's are going to consist of an apartment to condo conversions and other types of real property. When ready reach out to me at REMAX - MacIvor, and associates.

Santa Clarita Weather

During the summer, it gets sweltering hot in the SCV cities. Thankfully the really hot part is short in the SCV cities. Just a 40-minute drive will have you near the beaches in So. California from the Santa Clarita Valley cities and in the 70's at the same time we may be approaching 100 degrees in the SCV.

We have a great paseo system for those of you who are about walking, biking and running. Valencia being a master planned community came with the physical activity thought in mind when the community was developed. In the case of the Santa Clarita Valley paseo system, where all roads lead to Rome, in our case all Paseos lead to the Westfield Mall in Valencia. It's quite a spectacle and a great place to cool down on a hot summer day.

Oh, BTW - it's a dry heat if that helps :)

The rest of the year the weather is mild, during the winter the weather is also mild. Running, walking, jogging and biking take place all year round and the air quality is awesome most of the year in the Santa Clarita Valley.

Mobile homes for sale in Santa Clarita

Some agents say they can represent clients with mobile homes, but have no experience in them. They are an entirely different animal versus single family homes, condos, and town-homes.

Even manufactured homes are still in a different category akin to SFR's, condos and townhomes.

If you are wanting to get into the local Mobile Home Market, make sure your agent knows about them, the intricacies and financing options.

To find Santa Clarita mobile homes, we have them listed on our site - Personally, I am not familiar enough with them to do a client just service.

I do have a great referral network of local mobile home agents who specialize in them.

Click here to view the mobile homes in Santa Clarita for sale.

Some are going to be manufactured homes, with mobile homes. I was unable to separate them within the search query on - but you will be able to see the difference and read it in their descriptions.

I'm Connor with REMAX Gateway and this has been our Top 8 Santa Clarita real estate search inquiries explained and updated for April 14, 2019. I'll be here when you are ready.