1. Single Family Homes

2. Attached Single Family Homes

3. Town-homes

4. Condominiums

5. PUD - Detached Condos

You may be wondering what are some of the differences in regard to these housing types? 

In the Santa Clarita - Valencia Areas, we have several different types of dwellings that are constructed for human living.

Santa Clarita - Valencia SFR's

Large Santa Clarita - Valencia luxury single family homeThese start at the top of the "chain" with single-family homes and single-family residences. Otherwise known by real estate industry people as SFR's. (Single Family Residences).

Mostly these are homes that are stick-built with various types of construction materials. Most are wood-framed and stucco-covered. Some have wood siding and others have other types of siding.

These homes vary in years from the 1950s to present and are located in the Santa Clarita Valley city with the older homes being in Newhall to Valencia.  However, before you discount those cities, there are new construction homes in Newhall and Valencia also. 

The Santa Clarita home experts sell a majority of SFR housing and have observed that a majority of those wanting to buy or sell real estate in the SCV have an SFR to sell and or want to buy a Single Family Home.

Quick mention - Quads, Tri's and Duplexes

As an aside. Duplexes, Triplexes, and quadruplexes in the Santa Clarita Valley - Valencia CA areas are very rare. Of these available, they were custom construction or have turned from the entire quad being owned by the same person to being split apart into a condo configuration.

We get calls often from people wanting to buy a multi-family dwelling, as the ones mentioned. They are considering living in one of the units and renting out the others. This works, especially of the units are currently occupied and if we are able to get our hands on the proof of that. That information can be shown to a lender and act as part of the investor(buyers) documentation for qualification.

However, in the Santa Clarita Valley, you would be hard-pressed to find very many of these.

Largest amounts - multi-residential - not in SCV

We would suggest to our investor clients to allow us to search in North Hollywood, Burbank and Glendale. These cities have a lot of quad type multi-residential properties that rent out nicely. In the Santa Clarita the best "entrance level" investment strategy would be one of buying, rehabbing and renting out single units.

With this strategy, if the investor was able to have the Santa Clarita Home experts find a unit for sale where there was a low tenant occupancy rate, so much the better when it came time to sell it after it obtained a nice amount of equity.

Attached Single Family Homes in Santa Clarita - Valencia

We have a few areas - the Valencia Sunrises - the Valencia Racquet Club, to mention two, where the homes have a real front yard, a real back yard - back yards usually fenced and where the homes are attached by a single wall.

These are attached single-family homes. Most online searches, such as the multiple listing service engine on the Santa Clarita home experts website will show these when you search for single-family homes.

The price point will be less than a detached single-family home. And in most cases, you may not know that the homes are attached to one another. It will depend on which wall is attached and how active your neighbors are.

Some are attached via a single garage wall. These are more desired than those attached single-family homes which are attached via one of the living area or bedroom walls.

OMT - of so many that the Santa Clarita home experts share with their clients is the importance of checking the historical record of insurance claims related to the attached Santa Clarita home. Most likely if there is a flood in one, the other home will also flood. Flood, not the natural disaster type, but the pipe breaking or toiled/sink overflowing type.

Your insurance person will be able to figure out if there has been via a special report most are able to run. More about that upon request or when you are ready to sit down with the Santa Clarita home experts to go over the dos and don ts of buying real estate.

Townhomes - number three what are they?

Townhomes in Santa Clarita - Valencia for saleGenerally, a townhome in the Santa Clarita - Valencia Cities is a dwelling where your ownership consists of everything above you and everything below. Town-homes are multiple floors - at least two stories as an example. 

Town-homes can be attached and detached. Most are attached in clusters. With multiple townhomes on a single lot. Town-home have Home Owners Associations and may pay for some utilities, like trash and water, make sure you double-check with your Santa Clarita home experts. Of course, we provide that information going in to view the for sale properties with our clients so they know the full info.

Some townhome communities are gated and others are not. 

Parking is typically restricted. That reminds me of the importance of going back to the property and snooping late in the evening and on weekends. Go back during the time in which you have your inspection period during your escrow time, typically the first 17 days, and see how the parking is and if you can live with it.

As an example, if you entertain a lot and if the closest parking is several blocks away, that property may not be a great fit. Of course, you may be able to park your cars on the street saving spaces for your guests, but that will only work if there are no restrictions about residents parking in those "guest" spaces. 

All of these items need to be considered.

Plus, as we always remind our Santa Clarita home expert clientele, door knocking is very important when you are sharing walls and spaces with others.

At the beginning of escrow, be that butterfly. Go to the neighbor's residences and knock on their door. I know it may make you uncomfortable. If it does, the Santa Clarita home experts will go with you.

When our Santa Clarita home expert clients are not comfortable going alone this is how I approach it.

Typically on the day of the home inspection, I tell my Santa Clarita Home Expert clients to be ready and we are going to be pounding the pavement.

I will rap on the door of a neighbor and when they answer I will introduce my clients and who I am.

"Hi, I'd like to introduce you to Jill and Tony. They are buying the townhome which is for sale, number 17?"

"I'm Connor with the Santa Clarita home Experts, How do you like living here?"

"How do you like your neighbors?"

"Is there anything else that Jill and Tony should know?"

"Jill and Tony, do you have any questions you would like to ask?"

Jill - "Do you have kids? We have 6-year-old twin boys."

Neighbor - "Yes, I have a 7 and 9-year-old."

"And my 9-year-old plays the drums at all hours of the night." :)

You get it...

No matter what you are buying, a Single Family home in Valencia to a mobile home in some remote location. If you are going to be or have a chance to be impacted by anyone living by you, you need to door knock them and introduce yourself.


Condo in Santa Clarita - Canyon CountryApartment Style. Typically one level has everything. The Living area, hallway with washer and dryer, bathrooms leading to the bedrooms down the hallway.

Smaller, traditionally, than townhomes and single-family homes. Unless you are buying big in a skyrise, Las Vegas or back east.

The "door knocking" on the condos is very important as well. There isn't much space between you and your neighbors. Neighbors can be living on top and underneath of you. You could also be a middle condo, sharing walls on three sides, plus the roof and floor.

Doing your "neighbor" investigations will prove worthwhile. You will eventually find the chatty Cathy or Talkative Tommy. They will tell you everything you wanted to know and maybe some things you did not want to know.

A Home Owners Association check will prove worthwhile. Seeing if the HOA has restrictions on pets, the numbers of and type of breed. I have seen restrictions on pets which attach to the size of the dog in pounds.

Always, in escrow, you will get a copy of the CC&R's Covenants, Conditions & Restrictions. There will be a massive amount of information, including the rules of the development. These exist in some Single Family Home Communities also, so beware.

Any place with a Home Owners Association will have a board for the HOA, financial statements and the rules in written form. 

I have seen some places where it prohibits a person from washing their car in public view.

I have seen others that limit the pets to no more than one at a maximum weight of 60 pounds.

Go figure. Buying a Santa Clarita - Valencia CA home, not seeing one of these restrictions were in place while you had a chance to, will cause you problems after your close. 

Santa Clarita home experts go over this information with our clients, to ensure they know everything they will need to make the best buying decisions.

Real estate is not a small ticket item. It's expensive and takes 30 years to pay off at a normal mortgage rate/time.

Being stuck with a home purchase sucks. The Santa Clarita home experts do their best to help you cover all the necessary and unnecessary bases when our home sellers and buyers want us in their corner.

The PUD - Planned Urban Development

Have you seen those homes that are in very close proximity to offices? They look like single-family homes, they may have been built super close to one another. They also may share driveways and be located in the "cluster type" configuration.

Where you have a single driveway access point and in a oval access to 4 garages, one assigned to each home.

If this is the case, you may be looking at a PUD - a Planned Urban Development. While you own the land for your home, you will have an HOA and CC&R's involved that will impact your ownership.

In some cases, PUD's are hard to identify. In the title reports that the Santa Clarita home experts offer to our home buyers, it will be labeled as a Condominium or PUD, but it will look like a detached single-family home.

We want our clients to know everything when buying real estate. It's very important to limit future surprises.

In some cases, appraisers will take pause when identifying properties that are classified as PUD. They often have walls of other homes in their backyards that have easements for access with notice.

Also, PUD's often have zero lot lines and some don't have any access to the back yard spaces except via the improvement (house).

Once the appraisers go to the property in person, all seems to work out. It's the "on paper" review that seems to create some issues, but those get remedied.

When you are looking for real estate online and on any of the systems. Stick to local MLS subscribed websites like the one belonging to the Santa Clarita home experts.

The results will be so much better and you never have to worry about being scammed or having any of your personal information sold or given away to others in the real estate industry.

The Santa Clarita home experts

When ready, I will be here for you. Connor with HONOR with the Santa Clarita home experts.

Just reach out and I will help guide you down the best path possible to achieve your real estate goals.

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