Top 10 reason why not to use the seller's agentBack in 1998 when I first became licensed, there was a true lack of information about the home buying and selling process. Even our real estate school did not expand the ideals and working structure of a real estate transaction very well.

The truth was found when we started working with buyers and sellers.

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During the past several years I can honestly say it's not a problem with the lack of information. The internet fixed that, there is a vast amount of information online about the home buying and selling process.

The issue comes in where a lot of that advice and information is misinformation. Misinformation meant to elicit a response from you in some way. For example, an article that bends logic stating it's a great time to buy a home. Or another that says it's a great time to sell a home, when it may not be.

The best time saver and value add was when we formulated our in-office course for home buyers and home sellers.

This is so hard for other agents to compete with us because of those agents' unwillingness to take the time to get to know their client's needs better.

If you want to buy a Santa Clarita home there are many things that need to be a part of your thought process.

The things which you may have no idea of or about. 

So hence a well seasoned, knowledgeable and professional expert in the real estate field will save you time and money.

1. The Sellers Agent will learn your bottom line and financial profile, while they know the seller's as well.

2. You'd never want to hire the same attorney as the person suing you, you would want a better one :)

3. Negotiation is more effective with two sides.

4. The seller's agent has a valid and executed contract with the seller but does not have one with you as a buyer.

5. When the gloves come off, your own expert can better defend you.

6. Truth and honesty are more accessible when you have your own realtor.

7. The new home agents are directly employed by the new home builder!

8. A specifically skilled buyers agent is going to provide full disclosure and all information obtained by the home seller without prejudice.

9. The comparable profile will be offered to a home buyer by their own agent without offense or legal ramifications from the seller.

10. Massive time saver - A buyer's agent is going to be able to coordinate and show you all the homes listed for sale, not just a few.

One fact that did not make the list is that there are several states and the entire country of Canada that prohibit the practice of one agent representing both the home seller and the home buyer on the same property.

That practice, which is legal in California, for now, is known as Dual Agency.

It's so much easier to negotiate when on the other side of the table during a real estate transaction. 

There are many buyer and seller benefits that go beyond costs.

Some agents will use the pitch of telling the home seller that if they get the home buyer to use them to buy the seller's home, they will discount their commission.

In those scenarios, the agent is often seen as the true catalyst for any home buyers. This may be because of "old stories" or the agent giving a lot of lip service on how successful they are etc...

The main issue is that once the real estate listing has been written up and entered by the seller's agent into the Multiple Listing Service, the syndication websites take over and send that listing to literally hundreds of websites.

Issues always come up between the listing agents and those websites. The main one being one of permission.

Do those websites have the seller's permission to advertise and market the seller's home that is for sale?

Most sellers have no issue with that happening because they know this type of marketing is much better than the agent with a loudspeaker standing in their front yard yelling that the home is for sale.

Plus, the home that is for sale is being advertised on websites like Santa Clarita home experts where a ton of home buyers are looking for homes and real estate for sale.

With thousands of dollars, a month allotted to Google and Facebook pay per click campaigns, we are not only organically at the top of the Search Engine Result Pages(SERP)- but in the paid-for spaces as well.

Some agents will wince when they see this article. I'm stating the obvious and what has proven to be best for our clients where the mainstream happens to come from the Law enforcement organizations in Southern California.

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