If you have been considering Relocating to the Santa Clarita Valley or anywhere else, be weary of calling toll free phone numbers or sending Text or SMS codes to various numbers that are being advertised.

Toll Free numbers are still in the "in" when it comes to real estate agents and their lead generation tactics. For the record - we are "inbound marketers". I have always been permission based. If you ask about a property when calling anyone of my phone numbers, I do not add you to a SMS message campaign. If you call me on one of my homes that I have listed for sale, I don't trap your phone number to call in the future to "check in".

These tactics are used today by some that are total interruption marketing for their real estate business. The one thing that I hate is being sold to. I have found that our clients, for the most part, are of the same mind set.

Here is how it works. If you are looking in a publication at real estate listings, you may see a toll free number advertised that says "Call this Number for Detailed Information about this home". Then you will see a (800)XXX-XXXX to call - at the corner of each photo you will see a number displayed. That is the "more information number". It typically exists of 4 digits - all numeric.

So, wanting more information, you dial the toll free number and enter the 4 digit code. In some cases, that code is bogus and a human operator answers or the actual real estate agent answers attempting to hook or convert you to becoming their buyer. Which, if you don't have a real estate agent, is not a problem.

Unless, you feel duped or tricked and have issue with those types of marketing tactics. In some cases the number that you enter at the prompt will give you a recorded message about the home you are inquiring about. However, give it a bit of time, after you hang up the phone, you will be called - that is a promise. "Are you ready to hire the right agent?" "This home is not available, we just put it into escrow, but we have another one that is the best deal on the planet coming soon, why don't you come in to my office so we can talk about it..."

Maybe those have not been your experiences - but I have been to some of the "real estate coaching" seminars. Most teach those type of techniques. They are not for my Team and I.

Let's get to the SMS messaging. Text this code to XXXXX. Most of those are number traps. You will be auto enrolled into a SMS marketing campaign. With Text Messages being the final "spam free" frontier - this one confounds me. There are few that will send you a link to the rest of the information. Those are okay, especially if they tell you upfront what is going to happen when you text that "code" to that five digit number. The problem is not everything is as it seems.

If you are relocating to the Santa Clarita Valley - find a local agent versed in the REMAX relocation service. Get into their offices and talk with them so a game plan can be developed. My team and I routinely meet with those from out of town wanting to relocate to the Santa Clarita Valley Cities. They do so because we have industry in the SCV - but we are also less than 30 minutes to Los Angeles - downtown and 15 minutes from the San Fernando Valley.