Clever use of capitalization yes?  When it comes to wealth building and asset protection, one thing is very clear, within the Word ASSets - the capitalized part is the most important.

In Law Enforcement, there were a lot of situations that could have killed me and the men and women I was working with.  In real estate, death, except from drinking too much, choking on a piece of good from gorging, or having a stroke, is not typically from traumatic means.

Unless someone goes after those that they think screwed them within a real estate transaction.

"knocking on wood". - that has not happened at any of the real estate offices within the Santa Clarita Valley cities.

One of the things we do, that makes us a bit different, is by keeping true to those that choose to subscribe to our list.  The "LIST" is the place you will get all of the updates to everything that we publish about the real estate market and how to best PROTECT YOUR ASSets.

We have our access portal on all of our real estate sites - over 7200 subscribers and new additions daily.  We dissimenate our news and updates via Mail Chimp into your email inbox.

Simple, direct, and funzies.