Saving you time when it comes to Santa Clarita real estateYou decide you want to buy a home. You go to your preferred internet engine or a Facebook ad, twitter advertisement or Instagram mention and you probably get re-routed to a website like Zillow, Trulia, Redfin or

BTW, a ton of agents pays those websites for leads. That is they are paying for your personal information. I get that, business is hard at times. However, I would rather my clients benefit from that money and not those super mammoth real estate syndication websites and their shareholders. Go to to see about my rebate incentive to have me as your exclusive Santa Clarita Realtor! Just register to search and I will take care of the rest.

The questions you may want answers to are these: (not all, but some you may not know to ask)

"What neighborhood in Valencia has close paseo access with a Blue Ribbon elementary school that is safe enough for me to have my future children walk to. I want a home has 4 bedrooms and 3 bathrooms. I want one of those to be a guest bathroom on the bottom floor, but I would like a 3/4 configuration with a shower included with the toilet and sink. I want the home to have a three-car tandem garage because I have a boat I want to park on the tandem space. The home needs to be located on a culdesac with the back yard elevation lower than the neighboring homes with the intent of added privacy. I have heard that KB homes build good houses, I would like a neighborhood that has been constructed by that home builder or Pardee. As a final thought, I am going to be commuting to Los Angeles in the morning and will have to be at 1st and Los Angeles at 7 am during the week. I will need to know various routes to test them before I decide on a neighborhood you recommend."

Wait until we meet and I give you the other questions you need to be asking.

Not worth my time

Saving money on Santa Clarita real estateI have heard this statement by a ton of real estate agents in the Santa Clarita Valley. They refuse to meet with home buyers. Even when I envoke the "most buyers are wasting their time" argument.

I tell the agents I train that most home buyers are going to be wasting over 40 hours before they contact the right agent who is going to connect all the dots and educate them as to what dots they need to consider drawing lines to. That is an entire full-time workweek of hours. A new home buyer's time spent is more vacation time than most people get off from work per the calendar year. 

What could be so tough? 

Well, first things first. If you are searching in Zillow, Trulia or Redfin, you may be missing homes that are for sale and seeing others that are not "truly" under contract and on the market in a real sense.

There is a lot of paperwork that has to be filled out and completed by the home sellers and their respective agents. In some cases, this paperwork is not filled out. Can the listing be placed anyway - sure thing? Check those websites for premarket and coming soon listings. Of course, they have those placing the listing up on those sites "swear" that they are being honest. I was a cop way too long to trust most.

The real estate contracts cover various items - here is a shortlist for you that may think that I'm have something self-interested to promote.

  • The California Association of Realtors - Residental Purchase Agreement/Contract
    • This includes things like - Who is working for who - is your agent on your side 100% or are they working for the seller?
    • A possible representation of more than one buyer - What if your real estate was truly a spy and representing both parties on the same property - without this little document you may never know and that's unfair.
    • Wire Fraud - Who wants to lose money because they did not know who was really requesting the funds? This advisory puts this concern front and center.
  • Residential Listing Agreement - this little Betty has everything you can hope for and some items that you need other disclosures for.
    • How about who the real sellers are? They are on this document.
    • How about the set sales price. Without this document, you can be taken for a ride.
    • The listing time frame. If the listing is in enforce - you are good to go, but if it's not, then you need to be put on notice.
    • You are a home buyer, but the commission to be paid to the seller is on this document. If you are a home buyer you don't pay your agents fee, but if you had to "contribute something", it may be on this document.
    • Who pays who and who is intended to pay what during the real estate sale.
    • So much more.

These are only two of the contracts required to sell a home. There are 42+ regular disclosures that accompany a home purchase and more in the way of local disclosures.

I talk to other agents and train a small group. You need to be there for others, selfishly. That should be second nature to most people, if it's not for you, I tell them, you should get out of the real estate business.

I had the same philosophy as a Police Officer with the LAPD and it served me well.

I also tell them if they make the meeting in person, or via an online screen sharing system, step a part of their time, they will never have to worry about business because so many people will be spreading the word about them it'll be sick!

But, typically it falls on deaf ears. I tell them to get organized. To get an online Santa Clarita real estate calendar and some online screen-sharing platform to the education process pertaining to real estate can be fulfilled.

This is extremely important to the process and invaluable for any and all real estate home sellers and especially the home buyers.

So many things to watch out for where only the BEST of the BEST in real estate can advise.

When you are ready let me save you time and money when it comes to buying a home in the Santa Clarita Valley.

I'm Connor MacIvor and we have the most visited real estate blog in Santa Clarita CA.

When you are ready, I'll be here for you. I'm Connor MacIvor and I'm glad to be of service!