Castaic real estate for saleI've been going to the gym.  That is no excuse, because I'm still digesting the latest in Real Estate intel due to being in the "BiZ" and also being plugged into all of our Real estate channels.

Some of the latest news is as follows.  There are many discussions about the stock market being over inflated and experiencing a ceiling that is "man made" and not able to last.

There is also talk about a localized housing bubble in the Santa Clarita Valley Cities and within Greater Los Angeles.

The interest rate discussion goes both ways on-line.  Some think it's going to continue to rise until it gets to 6.5% then it will level off while the market adjusts.  Others think the interest rates are going to remain steady for the next 14-18 months to allow the inventory rebuilt and so the buyers can get a handle on the new lesser qualification amounts they are experiencing.

Here is the market as I see it.  We are going to experience some slight raises to interest rates, but I opine they are going to stay steady for the next several  months - throughout the 1 quarter of 2014.

As far as the stock market - I think we are going to see a re adjustment there, the bottom is not falling out - but days of record number are going to quiet themselves down for the next few months.

The local housing prices are going to continue to increase during the coming months- but no where near the amounts we have seen since September of 2012.

Get with your lender, If you don't have one yet - click here, ask them what you can qualify for and then break it down to what you can afford.  Those are two totally different scenarios, and you need to grasp that.

After you do, then contact our local REMAX Real Estate Team and we will assist you with everything that is your desire with regard to Santa Clarita real estate.

One more thing, these are my opinions, albeit a bit more educated than some because I'm doing this daily - 15 or so hours a day - 7 days a week, but no one knows where the market is going for sure.  

If someone is telling you that we are going up like a rocket in order to get you to do something that will make them money - step back and look for another real estate agent.  The same goes for a realtor that is saying to sell now because the housing bubble is going to experience a secondary popping...  

Hang in there and only work with local real estate experts.