I have known Gary for a lot of years now - We were Cops Together with the LAPD. - Last night we had a chance to get together at a Sake' Bistro.  There were a lot of Real Estate agents present at this "ParisNot just an operator - but a friend to boot and Laura" event that was showing support for "MoBros".  We also had a chance to see a lot of great "male facial" hair on some of the attendee's.

You know that I sport a Mustache - The Last time I shaved it my kids freaked out - so I will stay my present course.

However, the party was quite fun and Paris and Laura are going to be at it again for December 1st - this time at Mixers in Santa Clarita - Vons parking lot, next to Radio Shack and Weight Watchers.  The shopping center I am speaking about is across the Street from Best Buy on Bouquet and Newhall Ranch Road.

What is the next event in Support of - We were thinking of doing a toy drive for kids at Christmas?  What do you think.  The price of admission for everyone that wishes to attend could be a unwrapped toy.  I'm thinking that it might be awesome to start stacking the toys up and get such a large pile we need to get a semi-truck and trailer to haul them away for the needy children. We shall See :-)