I love data - I love watching the data and watching the history of the data.  I am also a History channel buff - when I am allowed to watch it :)

However, this is something that I'm allowed to do - talking about the history of prices within the Cities that make up the Santa Clarita Valley.

Santa Clarita Real estate agentsYour access point to our Price History Pages - are by remembering the words Price History.  That is the main page that I will build within the MaCBoX so you can come back and view the video's with regard to our height of the real estate market, the low point and all the points in between.

During the Santa Clarita radio show podcast this AM - We had not gotten to the "true name".  That was not decided until we completed our very first video that talks about the history of Castaic Real Estate prices.

Looking at the current real estate market within the Santa Clarita Valley cities - frustration levels are very high.  In fact, some of the real estate buyers are jumping around from listing agent to listing agent, hoping to gain an "insiders advantage".

That is not the best way to approach real estate, no matter what the market.  There are a few folks in the world that will give you the advice to hunt the listing agent and the listing agent alone.  That transaction where you use the listing agent to buy a home, condo or a town-home is called Dual Agency - Some states have that outlawed...

Having worked and continuing to work for some of the select banks - we have found that most banks don't want their agent representing the buyer on the property listed for sale.

They don't want because they see it as a conflict of interest.  There is a greater propensity for their real estate agent to not submit all offers received to the bank, even if those offers would make the bank more $$$.  That is because the offer they received from their own buyer is lower and they want to cut the competition.

Some say "GREAT" - that's the kind of real estate agent that I want!  However, that real estate agent would cut you off at the knees and throw you under the bus at the first chance he'd get.

We had seen this happen before, our clients had written an offer on an REO(real estate owned - foreclosure) in Acton - our buyers were the highest by far and with the best financing, however - the agent accepted an offer by someone that called and said they only wanted to work with the listing agent.

This was found out by the bank, the listing entity of the Acton REO and guess what? - They pulled the listing from the agent - they "would not have" returned the buyers deposit - those buyers would have been out $10,o00 and they, most likely, would have gone after the REO Listing Agent.   Legally - this would have some recourse from all parties involved.

It was found out by the bank having "straw buyers" in place.  Those people the bank had hired to see if their reo agent was being honest and forthright.  The buyer, in this case, was not real - but manufactured by the bank to test the Bank's Foreclosure Agent.

He Failed the test, lost the REO account and the property was given to another local Real Estate agent team that had been working with Citi in the handling of their REO assets...

Be safe - this is your "long winded" Monday Update on our Santa Clarita real estate daily show.  If you want to tun in tomorrow - head to our Main Santa Clarita real estate website -Paris911 dot com- and type the word Daily into the MacBoX...