There are a lot of predators that have come about by this “down” real estate market.  Too many such predators have taken advantage of the “weak” in their moment of hardship.

Currently, we have our share of hiccups by those that are intent on taking your hard to come by money.  We have been able to intervene and make their wrongs right with our Clients.

But in a couple of instances it was too late and the checks were already cashed. Make sure you bounce your plans off of us.  If it means that we are not going to get “paid” for helping you, it matters not.  We do not operate our business that way and our focus is on the long term.  Your protection and our “play it forward” attitude means that you will not be silent when it comes to recommending our services. That recommendation is the true “pay-check” for Paris, me and our team.

John Franco with Combat Credit Services has just written a fantastic article about the “predator and the prey”.  Where he speaks about a couple of the “prey” getting zapped to the tune of over $10,000.00 in each case.

Be careful of the words and situations involving “double escrows”.  Also be weary when purchasing something that is “too good to be true”.

Call us and even if we have never worked with you in the past – our advice and us running interference for you is FREE.  It is about the helping not the “pay off”.

Have you seen our foreclosure search engine.  The men and women that work with the Los Angeles Police Department, Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department, Los Angeles City Fire, Los Angeles County Fire, and the California Highway Patrol have – it works well and should assist you on your Foreclosure Searches.