We are real estate agents.  We try not to lie to our clients, at least not knowingly.  In fact, if you are being lied to and the person telling you the bad info, if they don't know that it is a lie - is it a lie?

If a tree falls in the forest and if no one is there to hear it, does it make a sound?

Here are the top three reasons why your real estate agent is probably lying to you:

1.  They have gotten bad information from the other agent involved in the transaction.

2.  They were told by your lender you would be fine and approved with your home loan.

3.  The bank with whom they are negotiating your short sale said it would be approved in two weeks.

Do you think that your real estate agent would lie to you on purpose?  If they survived and are still in the real estate business today - probably not. For the most part, they would not have been able to survive if they made a habit of lying to their clients on purpose.  It may not be that they want too - it typically comes back to getting bad information.  A Seasoned Real estate agent will scrub the data and information they heard and weigh the source.  Is the source usually have good intel? Does the "source" have a vested interest in lying?  Can I get this information verified and in writing before I tell my client?

A seasoned real estate agent will have gotten "verifiable information" before they tell their clients.  A new real estate agent - this is how they handle it when they get the information from any source, "Hey Client - you are good to go, your offer was accepted - you are approved for your mortgage - You won the Lottery!!!"

Only to find out, the agent that has the accepted offer, had the name wrong.  Or - the lender was not looking at the right file.  It could have been the lotto ticket was off by one number and they wrote it down wrong :)

If you are a buyer or seller of Real estate - just be careful when it comes to hearing "positive" or any information.  As yourself or your real estate vendor - "Can I get this in writing..." - It may cause you less stress within the real estate transaction.

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