If you have been working at buying a home in today's constrictive real estate market in Stevenson Ranch CA, I feel your pain.  In fact, we are about to enter the "winter slow down" which typically starts mid November and continues to mid February of the following year.  This year, we have inventory at an all time low within the Cities that compose the Santa Clarita Valley.

Typical advice from our Team to our Sellers, if they want to sell, hold off until Early Spring.  Let the Holidays ride through and prepare  the real estate you want sold, over the winter months, until the following year.  However, our advice this year is very different.

It comes back to supply and demand in the Santa Clarita Valley housing markets.  We can show you the effect of today's multitude of real estate buyers driving prices up and up.  We are also watching as the appraisers are bringing in values higher than Fair Market Values in most neighborhoods in the SCV.  With the Demand over running Supply, getting a listing marketed today brings our Santa Clarita sellers more money than they had hoped for in the last 4 years!!!  However, it is not as simple with just placing the property in the multiple listing service.  To give the seller the BEST in real estate representation, that listing has to be built over a 7 day period to give it MAXIMUM exposure when it does enter the "resale" market.  If you are interested - you are going to have to call me to reveal that "trade/paris911 sales method" - It's secret....

So our advice is simple.  Don't wait and beat the potential "bulk sale and flip" rush that could be upon us later this year or early next.  Stevenson Ranch homes are selling above Fair Market Value.  We are also seeing Valencia CA homes that are being sold perform the same.  Watch out and only hire Trusted and Top Real Estate professionals to represent you in the Selling of your Santa Clarita real estate.

Here are the Top 3 homes that recently sold in Stevenson Ranch CA.  They are the most recent and will give you a better than average idea as to what homes are selling for in Stevenson Ranch.  Be Safe and let us know when you are ready for our help.

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