We have placed the top three homes for sale in Valencia CA that have at least 4 bedrooms and are suitable for your Relocation Needs.

When "re-locators" are seeking to move to Valencia CA - the last thing they want is a home that may take several months to close.  Such is the case with some of the Short Sales that have not sought approval from the bank or banks involved.  Therefore, when we work with a Relocation Client to the Santa Clarita Valley, we first start out with a timeline.Be Safe - thanks for subscribing and you will not be spammed

We determine the "time-frames" with regard with our Relocation client's move.  Do they have a home to sell in the city they are coming from?  Are they needing to locate a job out in our City or a nearby vicinity.  Are there other variables at play with regard to their specific move?

If we don't have answers to these questions, we are dead in the water as our the clients that trust out Relocation Expertise.

On the accompanying list below - you will see Three Standard or Bank Owned listings.  Each are available right now and have at least 4 bedrooms and are single family homes in composition.

REMAX Relocation Systems is our home away from home :) - We own and operate a Relocation Team at REMAX of Santa Clarita known as Paris911.

We have several search systems in place that pull directly from the Multiple Listing Service with the Various Boards of Realtors in Southern California.

BTW - if you want to see more 4 bedroom homes for Sale in Valencia CA - no matter what brokerage or agent has the listing - please click the Relocation Link below the first property photo.  You can also search the entire multiple listing service from the Santa Clarita Boards of Realtors by clicking on this link.

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