Dad said he was too poor to buy cheap things:

When I was growing up, my dad would never buy anything but craftsman tools.  He loved the idea of a lifetime warranty.  I asked on a few occasions why Craftsman Tools - they were more expensive than most of the other brands that existed in that day.  He responded, "Son, I'm too poor to buy cheap things..."  I must have had a perplexed look on my face because he then offered the explanation that if he were to pay a little less - he would get a lot more in the way of headaches and tools that did not work as well.  He continued that if a wrench is poorly made, it might slip off of the bolt, and if you are leaning into it, that action could break your hand.

When you are buying a residence during the relocation procedure, you are not paying your Remax relocation specialist.  We are compensated by the real estate seller.  If the seller is a private party, corporation, hedge fund, investment group or in short sale, that is where the fee is located(a seller fee) - they pay us to represent the buyer.

On the other side of that coin - talking about the seller.  Because they are paying all involved agents, the agent they are hiring to sell and start the relocation procedure and the agent on the other end (the buyers side), it would be nice to start with the best Relocation Specialist a relocatee can find.

REMAX has more huggers and kissers

Not for a fact - but from what I have seen.  More agents equals more that are going to be warmer in their approach.  If anyone is in REMAX Relocation Realtors in Santa Clarita Valleythis industry for any amount of time, they have probably realized that they can get a lot farther by being warm, approachable and honest than if they weren't.

REMAX is HUGE - but that size does not equate REMAX Agents being "stiff or bureaucratic".  We talk with agents from other real estate companies.  We know that when they have a seller that wants to cancel their home for sale, for whatever reason, they need their brokers approval to do so.  Sometimes, we have heard horror stories when the broker would not let the seller out of the contract.  After this "hard line" approach, the broker usually ends up in a law suit.  Most of the time, if neglect on the agents or brokers part cannot be proven, the lawsuit ends with the Broker being the Winner.  However, they have done more damage to their reputation in that process than if they were selling asbestos laden cabbage patch dolls.

REMAX gives their agents the ability to cancel the listing without management approval.  Talk about nevou - but it is the best way to operate a business.  Give the agent more power to make decisions, you will find they usually make better ones in the process.

The most relationships

We realized a long time ago that our "inner and extra REMAX(and other) relationships" were very important.  That is why we have been able to develop referral relationships with agents across the entire USA.  In fact, not all of those agents work under the REMAX Brokerage.  Some work with other real estate companies.  They are Wonderful too!!!

We typically get contacted by most clients wishing to use our REMAX Relocation services because they have seen our Paris911 brand inside of the REMAX brand.  They then continued to surf the WWW for Paris911.  They then found and read our "why real estate", and they liked what we stood for and what we said.  They then decide to employ our team, wanting us to lead them in their Relocation process. We are totally honored by them wanting our team to be such a critical part of their lives.

Be Safe - read well and make sure your real estate inquires are being handled by Real Estate Experts.  See what they are writing, see what they are reading and how they are increasing their knowledge base.  A Real Estate agent that embraces technology and bonds that with inter personal relationships is truly an asset in your Relocation.

Here are the three top properties in Valencia CA's Summits fit for your REMAX Relocation Needs.  Be Safe and let us know when you are ready for us to take the bull by the horns in your China closet :) (BTW - if you are seeing a red box stating that there are no listings or that the listings cannot be found - that means that there are no listings for sale in the Summit are of Valencia CA.  Click here to search the rest of the Santa Clarita Valley Cities for the newest real estate listings.

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