The dilemma of whether of not you should short sale is the same everywhere. However, there are a few things you should know. It would be much nicer if we could walk into one of the "short sale owned by banks" and talk with a representative in person.

Remember the "Old Days"? Those days when dad used to relay stories to you about that type of customer service? When you could go in and talk with someone that was in charge?

I do, I remember his stories well. Almost 100% of the business was conducted on the local level. I remember when Mom used to walk into the Mountain Bell phone company and go to work. I also remember when her mother, my grandmother, was out here from Lawrence Kansas visiting. I did something wrong and in accordance with the scripture, "Spare the rod - spoil the child..." My Loving and Elderly Grandmother came after me.

I apparently did pretty good at getting away, running around the entire home, hiding and being able to call the Mountain Bell phone company where my mother was an operator. She came to the rescue.