We have placed our intake paperwork at this link.

When you are contemplating a short sale, everything resides on the paperwork.  The completeness of it.  The truthfulness of it.  All factors will add to your success of having a Short Sale negotiated on your behalf. 

With short sales - there are a few schools of thought on the best way to have them negotiated.

1.  We take the short sale then farm it out to a third part negotiator - this can be dangerous, especially if that third party negotiator is not licensed.

2.  We take your short sale and work it within our team, amongst ourselves.

3.   Or, you work with a team that has hired a professional and licensed short sale negotiator - they do not come cheap, but all of the i's are dotted and t's are crossed.  There is the factor of Ultimate Accountability.

If we were to choose, knowing what we know about short sales, which option is best - that'd be "number three my lord..."

Number three is what you will find with our Short Sale Team.  I imagine you have done some googling or binging to find this post.  You have also probably been impressed at the amount of Short Sale Experts that there are in the Santa Clarita Valley alone.

There are a lot of good ones.  But as far as I know, most don't handle their short sale business as we do.

Be Safe, get good advice and make sure your real estate agents gives you the difference between a Tactical Short Sale and a Strategic Short Sale.

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