It was not the cutest of things, but it did give us a good scare.  Looking through the MLS, we observed a listing that was for sale at 7 million dollars.

It happened to be in an area of Valencia CA that was quite nice.  But 7 Million?  There are homes in Valencia CA, but none (currently) is that expensive.

Santa Clarita realtor professionalsIt happened to be a typo by the realtor that entered it into the MLS. They did not double check their work, and once they hit enter, it was syndicated.

The Syndication websites, while most don't update very often, this happened to be at the time they were pulling data from the local Boards of Realtors and other sources.  Once the data was pulled, the listing that should have been priced at 700K, was showing at 7 million dollars.

"That can create issues with the local agents and within the local market..."

However, the point of the story is not whether or not the other realtors believed that there was one amongst us that was going to that level to buy a listing.  We knew that was a mistake.

Point being we have a plethora of over priced real estate listings because real estate agents are not being honest with their clients.

They are telling them, due to the competition, they can sell the client's home for more money and faster to boot.

Watch out and make sure, when you are interviewing local Santa Clarita real estate agents, you know their motivation.

Be safe and if you want to get an idea as to what your home may sell for - click here for our Paris911 Santa Clarita Home Value Request.