real estate is all about protection of clients

Quite musical this AM.

The local inventory in the Santa Clarita Valley is obtained by looking on-line within a Paris911 Real Estate resource.

That is going to include everything that has been placed onto the market over the past 48 hours.  The real estate sellers that are watching this can hire the best agent to see who is placing at the top of the Search Engine Results Pages on-line.

That is the agent you want to hire.  You want the agents that the buyers are finding on-line.  The own Brand, not another brand they are using to sell their sellers listings.

When a specific Real Estate Agent can get their 'own personal brand' on Page 1, where buyers are searching, you found the BEST.

We covered the new inventory, and why agents should upload photos at the time those listings go into the MLS - multiple listing service.

It would be that those "syndication websites" will not pull the data again for a few days.  That is bad for the sellers in the world and does not help the "tire kickers - fence sitters", make any real estate decisions.

So, as a seller in Santa Clarita valley or elsewhere, ask your realtor when they are putting up the photos with regard to your real estate listing.  If they want to have everything before they sit down to enter the listing into the Official Board of Realtors Multiple Listing Service, that is a plus.

Be safe - have a great Day after Hump Day and we will talk to you tomorrow on our Daily show.