Selling real estate and being at the amongst TOP Santa Clarita Listing Agents is not a trick, it is by method.  The methods that real estate agents have in place come from years of experience representing both buyers and sellers in all types of real estate markets, or they should!We list and sell Santa Clarita real estate

When working with Buyers, a Local Santa Clarita agent knows the "bad and the good".  They understand what a majority of the buyers are looking for and they can pass that along to those folks that are going to utilize them to sell their home, condo or town-home.  They understand where the eyes go when people are viewing homes.  They also understand why those that are viewing real estate decide to pass on a specific residence.  Those "rejection" statements are  most valuable to any agent that interviews with a lot of sellers and obtains their trust and their listing.

When a Qualified Realtor views your home as a potential listing, they should make you aware of things you can do to impress those visiting.

With the Usual Preparations, Lots of Light, Cold in the Summer, not so cold in the winter, mood music playing in the background, doors open, shower curtains open, clutter picked up, sink free of washed or dirty dishes, the scent floating in the air (not a covering scent - but a very light cinnamon or apple scent), and "Focus Banners", a Top Sales Agent will present these within their first listing meeting.

There are many other things that have to be conveyed to make your sale the BEST it can be.  That is why we started to conduct a Paris911 "Pre-Listing Walk Through" of our Sellers Listings before they hit the market.  With at least a week run time, we have our staff attend the home to be listed.  We get feedback from each of our Team Members as to where the "focal" point is and what can be done to make the home more "buyer" thoughtful and attractive.

Notes are taken and consolidated into a written report so our sellers know what to modify with regard to how their home shows.  We have found that the sellers that participate get offers more quickly and obtain a higher offering price right out of the chute.

Let us know when you are ready for the Paris911 Pre-Listing Preparation walk through - You will be happy you did!!!

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