While this episode will forever go into the real estate archives - you can have a watch here to see how our fair real estate market is coming together at the first of September 2013.

You will quickly see that our local real estate markets have become a bit easier to deal with(from a buyers perspective). This is due primarily with the addition of some new Santa Clarita real estate inventory.

However,  the view from the trenches is that some of the real estate sellers in our current market are asking for quite a bit higher than Fair Market Value for the real estate their realtors are selling.

This could be because of one of two reasons - it could be that those real estate sellers are "dialing up their prices" because they have been hearing how real estate listings are going for more than the Fair market Value due to the constrictive inventory.

And if that is the case, good on those sellers.  However, a really quick point, ask your real estate agent what they think about that tactic and make sure they give you the pro's and the con's related to overpricing your home.

NOT - Selling homes Guaranteed, or Agent will Buy it?

The next strategy comes in the way of the real estate agent buying your listing.  Not "literally", and I'm not taking about that clever marketing scheme about real estate agents promising or guaranteeing that they will buy your home if they don't sell it in 59 days, another side note "Hey you tricky agents - the public is catching onto this one - Thank God!!!".

I'm talking about the fact that some agents, in order to get you to list with them, will dial you up higher than any of the other agents, when it comes to pitching a price to you.

That, in real estate circles, is called "buying a listing".

The real estate reports are going to be out this PM - I will have the documents compiled and uploaded to our Santa Clarita real estate market blog.  You will to dial into the PDF generated reports to see where our current real estate market is overall and where we are this week in compared to last.