1 - you are paying their fee.

2 - that is money you will not get back if you cancel the transaction.

3 - some home inspectors are not certified.

4 - some home inspectors have horrible reviews.

Hiring Santa Clarita home inspectors

5 - some home inspectors miss stuff.

6 - some home inspectors go through the motions because they just want to get paid.

I know that most of these points are self explanatory. However, there are somethings that you should know about hiring home inspectors that you may have not known.

A home inspector can be used by the owner of a home before they want to sell. Home inspectors can also be used by a buyer when they are in escrow on a particular home they are buying. The second scenario is much more common.

I am also seeing owners of real estate that are preparing to rent out their homes, condos and town homes, hire home inspectors to prepare for any "tenant" complications prior to entering into a lease or rental agreement with a prospective tenant.

In the Santa Clarita Valley and in the Greater Los Angeles areas, you can expect to pay according to the size and "elevation" of home. Elevation referring to style, complexities, basement, more unfinished portions, larger attic, solar, spa, pool, outdoor BBQ, etc...

Typically we see Home Inspectors charging an additional $75-100 bucks as add on fees for stuff like pools, spas, etc...

If you are going to pay extra for an add on such as that, make sure you find out what the home inspector is going to do "extra" to earn that $$$. In addition, make sure they have the respective certification that covers the item concerned with that additional inspection.

These are just a few tips that will assist you with the "understanding" as it relates to home inspectors and what they do.

Final word - talk with your realtor about who they recommend and who they use. You can also go on-line and search for Home Inspectors in Santa Clarita CA, please interview several. As with hiring a Santa Clarita real estate agent, make sure you are interviewing more than one before deciding. Paris911.com/contact

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