Some "touchy" topics with relation to Home Sellers in the Santa Clarita Valley.  We, the Paris911 Team at REMAX of Santa Clarita, can advertise a home listing above and beyond reproach lasd real estate representativesfrom any other real estate agent or team.  That is because our Websites are visited more than other local realtors sites.  Buyers seek us out because we are on the Page 1 of most organic real estate search inquires.  However, with all of that - your home won't sell if it is priced inaccurately.

Do you know the number one reason your Santa Clarita Valley home isn’t selling? It is almost certain to be the price. If your home is in a bad location, in poor condition, or simply does not present itself well, you can accommodate by lowering your price. That being said, if you want to secure top price then you have to make the changes that warrant the higher price. However, no matter what you do and what upgrades your home already has, no one want to buy a million dollar home on a street full of half million dollar homes.

If your home is the most expensive home listed for sale in your neighborhood then you have to have a solid justification backing your price up. While real estate may be recovering the overall sentiment is that no buyer wants to be paying the most amount of money for a home. Everyone is still very much looking for a “deal”.

An experienced REALTOR will conduct a CMA (comparative market analysis) to come to a fair market value for your home. While a price will be suggested and it is up to the seller to choose the price, it should be understood that a lot goes in to determining market value. In reality a home is only worth what a buyer is willing to pay but pricing your home competitively is a better practice if you want to maximize the number of potential buyers that come through your front door.

Being dead set on a higher-than-suggested price may mean that you will be hanging on to your home for a while. Accepting fair market value will make life much easier for you in the long run.

Find out what it means when a Santa Clarita real estate agent "buys a listing".  It may not be what you think. Be safe...