New Paris911 Team Intro

Having an intro for your brand or website - it does wonders.

In fact, we are more recognizable today that we have been in the past, and I am thankful to our brand of Paris911.

Most, at first glance, don't get it.  They have no idea as to what it means or what it stands for.  After it is explained - that Paris is a person(not that person), and I was LAPD for a long time - We both have a Real Estate Team that works with both buyers and sellers - the lights come on.

where buyers are searchingReal Estate or bust

Failing was not an option when we both jumped into our business with both feet. Paris was the full time component back in the day circa 1998 - but come 2007, the market had shifted.

It was "decision time" - keep with a sure thing(LAPD Officer), or jump ship and join my BEST Friend in the world with our Real Estate business.

Decision Time and looking back

I'll be the first to admit, I don't always make the best decisions.  I mess up from time to time.  Heck, I cannot even take credit for the decision of quitting a "sure thing" to join Paris, from part time to full time, in Real Estate.

Looking back, it was the right thing to do.  I cannot explain it, nor am I going to try.  Credit has to be given to the Creator of this World.

Our next Step in Real Estate

We take bigger steps now.  When other agents talk about creating real estate companies that are focused on social media - I laugh.

That's great - but if a real estate company is not doing, at least that, they are going to be on the losing end of the game in a very short time.

Social Media - Web 2.0 - Pages - Communities - Postings - PR - SEO - Content Marketing, words such as these are always thrown around when I hear real estate agents speaking with their "friends and clients".

Knowing one's craft is very important.  Being able to put a seller's home in front of more eyeballs than any other real estate agent - that is something that only a very few of us Santa Clarita Valley Realtors can do.

That is where the rubber meets the road folks.  It's not done by having a bazillion friends or likes on a Facebook Page. (Mr.Mrs. Agent - you paid for those "likes", and they could not care less about you or your brand, they are hollow...)

Same with Twitter and LinkedIn - you want the "core friends", the interaction that gives a Realtor the Core Reach.

How about Being a moderator on the largest Real Estate Agent and Vendor group on Google+ - That's impressive, and That's "yours truly".

That one cannot be bought - that one is earned and I'm happy to be a part...

Where does it end?

It does not end unless the Big Boss says it does.  We continue to push forward, hiring only the best Buyers Agents that we can find.  We continue to refine our craft being Master Advertisers for our real estate sellers.

We continue to be one step ahead of all real estate market - positioning ourselves and our team to always be there for our clients.

And as always - We listen more than we speak :)

Be safe all - Please enjoy our newest Video with someone drawing our Logo - I love it!!!