What is the most dangerous question to ask your realtor and why?  When it comes to real estate, to see you agent buckle, hinge, break, etc, it is an ugly scene.

Get true value of your Bridgeport HomeMost agents don't have a problem with being asked by their buyers when the last possible point to cancel escrow would be, while being able to retain their deposit.

However, if you run into one that attempts to change the subject, eyes start darting around, and they have a pale "vampirish" look on their face, you may want to find out why.

Some real estate agents use the excuse, "If you cancel escrow at any time, you will lose your deposit..", to keep their clients in escrow against their will.

I cannot even see the logic in a real estate agent lying to their client in order to keep a commission, when they will lose any future referrals of business from that person in the process. It makes no sense to me....

Things change when you are buying real estate. Sometimes, you simply change your mind.

Sometimes, unfortunate things happen. Sellers die, You find out that your X lives across the street and her restraining order is still in force :)

Whatever the reason, you deserve to know when you can pull out without being penalized.

Ask your real estate agent upfront, this question at some point during the first few days of escrow.

If they are anything like our REMAX of Valencia Paris911 Team, this is something they will have covered with you during their Crash Course on Real Estate that we hold in our Valencia CA offices.

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