Santa Clarita Median Home Prices by City: (data current as of 5/15/2013) median home prices

  • Acton California $415,000.00 - 2077 square foot home, three bedrooms and 2 bathrooms
  • Canyon Country California $365,000.00 - 1697 square foot home, three bedrooms and 2 bathrooms
  • Castaic California Home $409,500.00 - 1832 square foot home, three bedrooms and 2 bathrooms
  • Newhall California Home $449,000.00 - 2281 square foot home, four bedrooms and three bathrooms
  • Santa Clarita CA Proper $450,000.00 - 2341 square foot home, 3.5 bedrooms and 2.0 bathrooms
  • Saugus California Homes $489,000.00 - 2285 square foot home, Four bedrooms and three bathrooms
  • Stevenson Ranch CA homes $788,000 - 3329 square feet home, Five bedrooms, 3.5 bathrooms
  • Valencia CA Homes $475,000.00 - 1976 square feet, 4.0 bedrooms and 3.0 bathrooms

Santa Clarita real estate pricing trends:

  • Valencia CA - Prices are trending up
  • Stevenson Ranch CA - Prices are trending up
  • Saugus California - Prices are trending up
  • Santa Clarita (proper) - Prices are trending up
  • Newhall CA - Prices are Flat
  • Castaic California - Prices are Flat
  • Canyon Country California - Prices are Flat

 We Finished the Research for this week and....

Median home prices are up across the board and the housing size and bedrooms and bath configurations are remaining constant.

We have seen our local Santa Clarita real estate market trending down a bit lately, with the gains, while.... Gaining :) are not rising as quickly now, as they have been in the recent past.

The "not as fast" scenario has been developing over the past 7-9 weeks in the Santa Clarita Valley Cities.  Before that, we were rising at a rate indicative of Santa Clarita valley housing between 2004-2006.

What the Future will reveal

Real Estate is kind of like elastic.  While it's fun to play with and necessary for keeping your underwear up, it can wear get weak and it can hurt at the same time.

The Paris911 Team at REMAX Keeps our clientele, whether buying or selling or both, in the loop so their decisions won't end up causing them pain as if someone popped them with a piece of elastic.

I'm stretching here (pun), but I'd like to opine that you need the best representation, you can find, when you are making a real estate purchase or selling decision.

Have a look around the World Wide Web with regard to Santa Clarita real estate agents and the local Real Estate market Experts in Santa Clarita Valley.

Take the top "local" results and call those real estate agents, set appointments and let the "interviews" begin. You owe it to yourselves to hire the BEST in the Local Santa Clarita Realtor Business.  Be safe - let us know when you are going to be ready for our Santa Clarita real estate crash course presentation in our REMAX of Valencia CA offices.