Today you can mark your calendars - Real Estate inventory has not been this low since January of 1994.

REMAX Paris911 Team of realtorsWhile this may be good for sellers that are not buying - and potentially leaving the country - for the rest of us, it makes for a difficult time to be in the real estate business.

Today, we are sitting with 22 transactions in escrow - amongst my real estate team - three full time buyers agents, with Paris and I.

One of those transactions seems to be taking the time of the 21 others.  That is what happens when agents deal with Divorce in Real Estate.

Some parties are GREAT - others are angry.  "Angry" is very difficult to deal with and is also very time consuming.

On the real estate front - we potentially see inventory coming from two places in the future.  If people are wanting to sell a home and move up - where are they going to move?

If inventory is lacking in our current real estate market - It will be lacking with regard to the home they want to buy.

They might be wanting to take advantage of the Sellers Market in the Santa Clarita Valley - but they are going to have their sellers wanting to take advantage.

Some sellers want to really Take Advantage.  But most are not to blame, they are dealing with agents that proliferate the world view of real estate agents.

We have talked about our MacBoX. It was the first Real Estate keyword engine for Los Angeles real estate.  We have coupled our macBoX with some of the most read on-line articles within real estate.

To locate the macBoX, we have it front and center on our Main real estate website for Los Angeles CA and surrounding areas.  Click on the large question mark on the photo above.

Thanks for listening to our LA real estate podcast.  Be Safe - Talk soon...