Within real estate there is a method of operation. The BEST Santa Clarita real estate agents don't take other agent's clients.

They just don't - they ask those people that inquire on-line and those that call on the telephone this simple question first, "Are you working with a real estate agent?"

That question should be enough to have most of the "real estate interested" step up and be honest. However, you have no idea how many calls some agents get from "angry agents", where that question was not asked.

Blame the Real Estate buyers? That would be what most would do - but hold on a minute - Do most real estate buyers know they should not be contacting other real estate agents? I would say no. Most real estate buyers don't know they should not be contacting other real estate agents.

We handle this in our In Office Crashes courses on real estate paris911.com/crashcourse

We talk at length with our real estate buyers, giving them the 20/20 of how real estate operates. Without this meeting - we would have a lot of our real estate buyers hanging themselves out to dry.

Therefore - when you are a real estate buyer, and when you have a real estate agent, a good one, stay loyal. Let them earn their pay - they should be making the phone calls and reconning the real estate listings.

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