We have had quite a run so far with this thing called the internet. I remember the days when you could load a page over and over with a specific keyword and then rank on page one with that same keyword.

This was about the time we started in real estate during the late 1990's. Buying a domain name was a mystery. Getting faster connection speeds from my 1600 baud modem was even a bigger mystery. Storing on the 5.25" floppy's and magnetic tape (cassettes), unbelievable how far we have come in such a short time. We have been working within the real estate fields since 1998 to be exact. We have come technology come and get better. We have also seen the games created by the so called "SEO experts" continue to run their course.

We get called several times per week and sometimes, multiple times per day, from those that are saying this specific statement and asking this question, "We have been tracking over one thousand buyer leads searching for real estate in the Santa Clarita Valley... We were calling today because we are looking for a Santa Clarita real estate agent that is interested in picking up some more buyers..." Then they just stop, they keep silent until I either give them the affirmative or the negative. I usually say, "OMG _ where have you been all of my life!" Then they continue...

The sad thing is that I totally get that type of job. It must be hard to make cold calls to real estate agents that know the game themselves and are hard to sell too. However, most agents don't know the first thing about internet optimization and seo tactics, so they may be easier sells than I think. Heck, making millions a month from agents paying their fee's - they must be doing something right.

However, the fall off point is going to be the real estate searching public. I think they are going to start going to the local search engines more and more. This is why, when you search on one of the Real estate syndication websites, how many active, truly and fully available listings do you see for sale?

I will tell you it is a bunch more showing up as active, than when you are searching on our local Real estate websites for the Santa Clarita Valley cities. That is because we are not publishing any of the listings that have offers written on them. We are only showing the listings that are currently without offers. The Syndication websites don't practice this, they put listings that bring traffic and inquires to the agents paying for their system.

- for the active listings only in the Santa Clarita and rest of Southern California.

- look at the listings that are only in Back Up position.

Double check what I posted above. Look at the rendering at the site above - for each specific city, they head over to one of the real estate syndication websites, Trulia, Zillow, Redfin, Realtor dot com etc... Look at how many listings they are showing as being for sale - you will be amazed....