Since the inception of our HUD alerts website, built around the Good Neighbor Concept for Law Enforcement, Educators, Fire Fighters and Emergency Medical Technicians, we have seen more properties start to appear on the GNP website by HUD.

If you have not yet joined our HUD alerts Update list - you can do that easily by entering your information on the HUD Alerts dot com site.  As always, your personal information is kept in the strictest of confidence.

Some of the "other information" that will be necessary to complete your bid by our Real Estate team is a Pre-approval letter from a HUD approved Mortgage Broker.  Don't know anyone?  That's okay, we have some of the BEST lenders at our clients disposal.  Contact us about this necessary step before you see a home you love and before the clock runs out. Approvals are not quick, they, in some cases, take a few days - so getting qualified before you start looking is Sage Advice.

Here is a photo of the information that we need for Bidding on the Lottery properties that are within the Good Neighbor Program.

Be Safe and Let us know if you are having any difficulty accessing the HUD website to view the Lottery Program Properties.

Working with the Paris911 Team on the Good Neighbor Program