The local Santa Clarita real estate market is not lacking buyers. In fact, we have more buyers that you can shake a stick at.

Have you ever thought to yourself - Shake a Stick At - That must mean a lot :) -

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The local real estate inventory is lacking - here are the most recent numbers:

  • 14 new listings have hit the market in the past 24 hours in the Santa Clarita Valley cities
  • 8 listings had their prices changed - most went up, if you can believe that.
  • 9 real estate listings, that were in escrow, fell out of escrow. Buyer had issues with continuing in 4 of those and in the other 5 - the Agents were not able to get the Short Sale's approved.
  • 7 Properties went into Escrow
  • 4 properties expired - did not sell within contract
  • 17 properties entered the pending status.

That's the intel for the SCV during the past week. Thanks for reading. Please let me know when you are ready for our help, the help of professional and local real estate agents that operate on the Team concept, which affords our buyers more advantages.

If you happen to have one of those jobs where Friday means something to you - happy Friday. If you are like us now and like I was when I was full time LAPD - We so get you and we would say, if it's the day before your next day off, Happy "Friday" to you too, whenever that comes.