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New housing in the SCV

Buying a new home in the Santa Clarita Valley.  You maybe surprised to find out you will want your very own new housing representative that is on your side 100%.

Not someone that works for the builder.  But a local Santa Clarita real estate agent that has the "inside tract" and that knows how the new housing centers/builders operate.

Unexpected Benefits

We had a couple that had been working with my New Home Team at Paris911 with REMAX for the past couple of months.

They were on the waiting list at a New Home Builder in Santa Clarita to move in this coming November 2013.

They were happy with that, but they would have liked to move sooner.  Especially with the hikes with interest rates as of late, they are unsure where they'd be in the coming months.

One of my New Home Agents received a call from one of the new housing reps she used to work with back in the day.

A method to our New Home Madness

You see, I have thought a bit forward and have hired specific New Home Representatives that had worked at the new home centers and for the New Housing Builders in the Santa Clarita Valley Cities.

I did that because I know what a HUGE benefit it can be to know the "insider secrets" with regard to anything.  It's nice to have a "X" IRS auditor prepare your taxes - they know, better than most, what the IRS looks for and what are red flags.

This applies to our new home agents. They know the inside tract which gives our clients many benefits.

One such benefit came in the way of the phone call to my New Home Buyers Agent about our client's home.

Happy New Home Clients

Knowing they were due to close on their home that had not been built yet in November, the agent that represents the builder called and stated they had a home, fitting our clients needs, that fell out of escrow.

It seemed those buyers could not finance the home at the higher interest rates.

Instead of that home going back onto the market for everyone that was waiting, she called my Agent and the deal was done!

I love it and so do our Paris911 Real Estate Clients.

Be safe - reach out to us when you are ready to move - Re-sale or New - we have you covered!!!