Santa Clarita Realtors present another REMAX International Video

Another great video from Remax international showing some of the differences between working at other brokerages and being saddled with REMAX of Valencia CA.

I remember when I was a small child - watching "One Adam Twelve" and "Dragnet" on the only California Station we received in the small town of New Mexico where I grew up.

I knew at a very young age I wanted to be a LAPD cop. It just Made Sense and in October 1990 - October 9th to be exact, I achieved my dream. I was running and getting yelled at in the Hills of Elysian Park as a brand new recruit with the LAPD.

REMAX of Valencia Realtors

Over the next several years - I would have met my wife, had children and joined the "prestigious" LAPD motor squad.

During those years, I also had received some certifications to train LAPD recruits and in-service officers with regard to Drug Evaluation, ShotGun, Hand Gun, Glock, Impaired drivers, Radar and Laser.

The "buying a house" thing seemed to be one most traumatic events of those first few years with the LAPD.

In fact, both Paris and I were taken pretty good - vowing that we would never let that happen to anyone we knew, if we ever became Realtors.

1998 for me and 1999 for Paris - We became Realtors. We worked at various companies for the first several months. Never being able to quite find the best fit.

Until we discovered REMAX of Valencia California. That was what we had been looking for. The training, the excitement, the "aliveness" in the offices at REMAX of Valencia CA.

This is what we had been looking for and what we found at REMAX of Valencia.

If you have been wanting to become licensed in real estate and if you have been contemplating a real estate company to work for - check out REMAX of Valencia...

Get your feet wet, make your rounds with other "local" real estate companies - then come see our Team at REMAX. We are known as Paris911 and are glad to be your guides.