While the "team" approach gets shot down in some circles, mostly by the ones that don't have a team, we find that our Sellers and Buyers of real estate benefit from it's implementation.  In fact, it is kind of like the "Claim Jumper" approach to restaurant service.  When you sit down at a Claim Jumper Restaurant, you are told by your server that they all work together as a team.  In fact, if you need to request anything throughout your dining experience, you can ask any of the staff for assistance and they will be glad to serve.

With The Paris911 Team of Realtor Professionals, there are no names on our jersey's.  We are all about the Paris911 philosophy and the "original why" we became branded within REMAX of Santa Clarita CA as the Paris911 Team.  It is mandatory for every member of my staff to know the current desires of "active buyers", no matter which buyers agent they are working with.  It is also mandatory that each of our Buyers Agents on staff know the "active seller inventory", so they can make the introduction to the Paris911 buyers if the scenario is fitting and if the opportunity presents itself.New Home Sites in Santa Clarita Valley

With regard to our Santa Clarita clientele - we have the same approach and find that when we have multiple sets of eyes looking at what someone want's with regard to real estate, our clients benefit.

Imagine having 5 sets of eyes looking for buyers that are fit and qualified for a particular Santa Clarita home.  You have five people that all know different people.  Five people that have different influence centers.  Five individuals that are within different top producing networking groups.  They all come together once a week and brainstorm any new avenues that will help sell the Seller's listing better, faster and for more money.

What about those same 5 sets of eyes searching for the perfect Santa Clarita residence?  All five know what the "cadre" of real estate buyers want within the Residential re-sale market or within the New Builder community.  All Five have their "friends and associates" within real estate that are going to secure a pocket listing (listing that is not on the market for the general public as of yet).  That Team can share amongst themselves to get those real estate buyers deals before they hit the re-sale market.

So, what do you think about Teams of Real Estate agents working under one Brand?  Do you think it can be managed or do you think there may be a disconnect between buyers/sellers/agents/team leaders?  BE Safe, thanks for commenting and we do appreciate your reading what we write.

Future Posts - We are going to be hiring a Buyers agent soon that worked with the New Housing Centers. Stay tuned for Video's about how you can get the BEST deals at new construction sites in Santa Clarita California.  Remember, if you don't know this as of yet - make sure you don't visit a new home builder site without your real estate agent by your side.  Our new home buyers in the Santa Clarita Cities and those in Ventura County know this well.  They always let our REMAX of Santa Clarita New Home Expert accompany them to give them the tour and to get them the BEST in discounts and upgrades possible....  Give us a call today and ask for the Paris911 New Housing Expert!!!