We have clients from time to time that wish to purchase real estate in the Antelope Valley.  Palmdale, Lancaster and the other cities in the Antelope Valley (AV).

They are either referrals, past clients, friends and or family.  We are also full members of GAVAR - Greater Antelope Valley Association of Realtors.  GAVAR is where the listings are housed for the cities within the AV.

Searching from our Local Boards of Realtors, the Southland Regional Association of Realtors is not productive to view the complete listings in the AV.  In fact, GAVAR does not share their data with other boards of realtors, unlike most of the rest of the Boards of Realtors in So. Cal.

They have their reasons, I suppose, but that is the way it is.  Therefore, for a real estate agent to want to serve their clients in Lock, Stock and Barrel, form - they should be a member of both boards of Realtors.  Another way is to have a "friend" that is a member of the opposing board that you are not a member of.

Recently I pulled 26 Active Listings in the GAVAR system. All 26 were showing fully active, no contingencies in place.  Wide open for offers.  I called on all 26, emailed and texted those that had phone numbers on their listings and you know what?  None were actually available.  Most had offers that were signed off on - others were not being shown until further notice - others were due to close escrow...

If you are not in real estate - this is not the way it should be!  An active listing should show active and be available.  I get it when others have written offers on the "available" listings.  Offers that have not been presented or signed off by the seller.  That goes with the market.  However, to have escrow about to close on an listing that the whole world views as being "available for sale"???  Bad form old chap....

Do you know what makes this worse?  Not using a local search resource and hinging your bets on a Syndication website.  Here is a Video where we pitted Trulia real estate search for Santa Clarita Valley against our Local IDX driven Paris911 at REMAX search engine.

You will be surprised on how many more listings are showing "as active and fully available" on the syndication website.