Thanks to the Santa Clarita Signal's Jana Adkins to bringing this story to light.  Click here for her original article on Bidding wars and the super Constrictive real estate inventory in the SCV...

"Flash-backs back to 2006..."  Remember that time?  The Santa Clarita real estate market was hot, fast and prices were being driven up every single day it seemed.  We had multiple offers on every single listing for sale in the Santa Clarita Valley.  We have very little in the way of Foreclosure Inventory - less than 1%.  Short Sales...  "What is a short sale" - that is what most "newer" agents would have said back at that time.

REMAX's Paris911 Team of Real Estate expertsNewer Agents...  They were a dime a dozen.  In fact, there were many people that had full time jobs venturing into the real estate re-sale realm.  They wanted some of that coin that was just lying around for the taking in the form of real estate commissions.

Then we got to the Big Sub Primer falling in 2007.  It was like the air being sucked out of a room by an atomic blast. Without Air - you don't have sound - it cannot carry.

Post Atomic Blast the Expert Realtors seemingly woke up in the rubble, sitting up as the dust started to settle.  It was quite unnerving.  It was a time that we had hope, but did not know in what form it would take as the months developed.

Since that time, the best Real Estate teams, that had been high in the ranking before the crash of the real estate market, have adjusted well.  They continue to be on top.  In some of the cases - they are farther up the ladder today, than they were previously, because of the fallout with regard to real estate agents leaving the real estate business.

The Paris911 Team continued.  We kept our niche and branched out into the newly formed short sale and foreclosure market. The learning curve was incredible, but not impossible!!!  With that training, constant attention to detail and getting feedback from our clients, we survived.

Some say it's not over.  I have to agree - as long as we have the BEST Real Estate Clientele in the world - it's far from over!!!  Thank you and Be Safe...

Below are three two real estate listings for sale in the WestCreek area of Valencia CA.  If you are seeing a red box stating that the listings cannot be found - never fear - go to our Multiple Listing Service search for Santa Clarita CA.  If that box is appearing, that just means there are no listings for sale in the WestCreek area of Valencia currently.  Thanks talk soon..

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