Santa Clarita listing alerts by textDo you need instant gratification

In the days of "instant gratification", while some of us that "just missed" the millennial generation may not agree, it is a force to be recognized.

Remember Cassette Driven Answering machines

I remember the days when we had to wait to see who called by getting back home, after a day at work, and looking to the answering machine that was powered by a cassette tape.

I also remember when we did not have such a device, when I was a kid, and if you weren't home to answer the phone, you missed the call.

Before call waiting

In addition, if the line was tied up, there was no call waiting, you missed the call as the caller received a busy signal...

Busy Signals - that reminds me - do they even exist anymore?  :)

Apparently everyone is too busy to give off a busy signal, It's the "human condition", at least during the present time.

At the Moment they are published

So, in an attempt to assist the Human Condition, we offer Santa Clarita and Southern California Listing Alerts.

You can get such an alert by sending a text message.

If you text the word:  Alerts  to  661-888-4424  You will then be able to enter the city or cities of your preference and then get the real estate listings for that city or cities immediately, at the very moment, any agent publishes one into the "real" multiple listing service MLS.

"Real" Realtors...

The reason that I have "stressed" certain words in the preceding paragraph is because not every on-line real estate search system is actually fed directly from the Board of Realtors MLS systems.

In fact, those that you may frequent are probably not.  They are what is known as "syndication sites".  They obtain their listings second hand, and that is the reason most are not updated and why you are looking at "old" data.