We talk on the phone.  I know that is something that is rare today, but I still, besides direct Human to Human contact, think talking on the phone is the next best thing.

We receive calls from those that are interested in real estate and relocating to and from the Santa Clarita Valley Cities.

Call REMAX of Santa Clarita or call REMAX of ValenciaWe answer the phone as often as we can.

We also call back if the caller has to leave a message.

One of the things I mandate to my local Santa Clarita real estate team has to do with Client Care and Service.

Most of the time, besides when meeting with clients, answering the phone introduces something better than what my agents are doing at the time it rings.

I get that - I teach that - The days of specifying the hours of returning of calls can cause a local Santa Clarita CA real estate agent to lose deals.

Most clients are not wanting to wait.  They want instant gratification.  They can get instant gratification elsewhere.

Here is a script that I listened to recently when calling another local Santa Clarita real estate agent this week.

It was interesting - but I did not leave a message - I sent a Text :)

"Thank you for calling "Diane" with Master Real Estate Brokers in Santa Clarita CA. I am either working with clients or in the process of finding sellers for my buyers and buyers for my sellers. I return calls daily between 12 and 1pm - and again between 5pm and 6pm.  Thanks for calling and I am looking forward to speaking with you.  Please leave your contact phone number, even if I already have it, just to be safe."  BEEP...

BTW - the name and business were changes to protect the innocent - or in this case - guilty :)

Ok - here are a couple of things - 2 hours of talking on the phone to prospective or current clients?  I'm closer to 4 -5 hours personally.  Maybe I turn into a "chatty Cathy" when talking on the phone - but I don't think so.