remax valencia caI get amused very easily.  In fact, most of the day I am fielding calls from Telemarketing companies, in between those of our exclusive Real Estate Clientele, promising to put my Real Estate team on Google Page 1 - Organic.  They say that we should have a new site built and they will write the content and talk about real estate - for a Nominal Fee :-)

I ask, "Are the people that are writing my content, real estate agents?"  More importantly, "are they successful real estate agents that have survived Trial by fire?"

The answers to both of those questions is a resounding, "NO".

I also exclaim to the callers that we are already Page 1 organic for many Santa Clarita Real Estate search terms.  That statement, although true, usually stops the caller cold in their tracks.

They usually want to know who built our website. That is totally missing the boat.  We would not be number one, in most real estate related search results, if Paris and I were not banging away at the keyboard talking about real estate and adding value for our Real Estate Clients.

Here is the problem.  Paris and I have been writing about real estate since about 2006. Before that the Blog-o-sphere was not much at all. Blogs and Content marketing systems were about the family trip and what you did while you were on vacation.

Google embraced those types of "content" platforms and today they hit like Sledgehammers flying at the speed of light.

With each phrase, paragraph and story that we relay about our Real Estate Dealings, Clients, Other Agents, Experiences, and so on and so forth, Google makes it a point to crawl our Websites frequently and often.

Their "search engine algorithm" wants to provide the best results possible for those that are wanting to find answers to their query's.

When it comes to Real Estate Searches, Google is no Different.  They want "local" to hit home runs.  They only want "local based businesses" in any community or city to render in the top 7 "local" listings.  This space on the Google Search Result page is known as the "7 Pack".

If some of the "heavyweight" real estate search and lead generation sites paid top money, Google would not care because they are not "local".  They are strictly for Lead Generation and they are being Monetized in a Big Way!!!

There are some, in the world, that are a bit intimudated with Google's size and power. However, I am happy as long as they weed out all of the non hackers that don't pack the gear to be on the world wide web.

Who "packs the gear"?  Those that don't use Black Hat Search Optimization tactics.  Those that are writing about their craft.  Those that are not out to screw anyone when it comes to any business endeavor.  There are those that attempt to trick Google's Panda - but, it is becoming more and more difficult :-)