living green can pay offTax incentives to buy Santa Clarita real estate may have expired but tax incentives to improve your home and its affect on the environment have not. Tax incentives to build green and remodel green have in fact been extended, adding value to making energy efficient improvements to your home. Making green improvements not only gives you a credit now, but also helps make your home more attractive to potential buyers when the time comes to sell.

Potential energy efficient improvements include:

  • insulation
  • windows and doors
  • roofing
  • HVAC systems
  • appliances

The incentives dive deeper into improvements. In many cases the tax credit is related to how energy efficient the materials are. For example, a refrigerator that uses 30% less energy than the federal standard receives a $150 credit, whereas a refrigerator that uses 35% less will receive a $200 credit.

In addition to helping home owners and builders in the Santa Clarita Valley, the new laws offer incentives to manufacturers of energy efficient materials and appliances. The new tax incentives have been created to help our environment and make it more attractive for people to build green, as well as make green improvements to existing Santa Clarita homes.

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